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Deloraine’s former Presbyterian Church was only used for 21 years as a church.

Plan a day trip to visit a historic church

Manitoba’s small towns have many culturally significant houses of worship

Feeling housebound? With present-day limitations, consider alternatives. A rural drive can be a pleasant diversion — to view the scenery or visit some of our historic churches.  The buildings may be closed, but usually we can walk around them and explore nearby cemeteries. Depending on where you live, there are one or more historic churches

The grotto at St. Alphonse.

Take a country drive to explore some historic Manitoba churches

See some historic buildings of faith while staying home this summer

At times like this, when some some tourist attractions are closed, or we are uncertain about crowds, a country drive can be a pleasant diversion for those who are feeling house-bound. There are many spots we can drive past and/or stop for a brief visit, even if we cannot physically go inside buildings. Old churches

St. Mary’s/St. Alban’s Anglican Church and cemetery. 

Visit rural Manitoba’s historic churches

Buildings and cemeteries hold much historical information and some are designated heritage sites

Manitoba has many historic rural churches. Some no longer operate as churches, while others hold services only occasionally, but the buildings and accompanying cemeteries are often well maintained. Country churches, those not in towns or villages, are particularly interesting. One such church is St. Mary’s/St. Alban’s Anglican Church, situated southwest of the village of Kaleida