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Three gifts at Christmas for you

I don’t think anyone in agriculture will dispute 2019 was a year for the record books. The challenges kept mounting throughout the growing season – all of them beyond our control. Drought followed by untimely, excessive rains and snowfalls. A long, difficult harvest with conditions causing many crops to be left in the field. Poor

Where will the best Christmas weather be on the Prairies?

Where’s your ‘perfect’ Christmas most likely to be found? We’ve got the data

Every few years I like to revisit the topic of the “perfect” Christmas holiday weather. As I went through a couple of the older articles that I’ve written on this topic, I found a rather interesting coincidence. Each year we’ve looked at this topic, December has started off warm and dry with little snow cover

Sharon Keene loves to serve up home-cooked meals in her restaurant.

Newdale restaurant owner shows appreciation with food

For three years Sharon Keene has put on a customer appreciation dinner

Appreciation can be expressed in many ways, but Sharon Keene of Newdale prefers to say thank you with food. And there was no better time for the owner of the Newdale Family Diner to thank her customers than during the Christmas season, as she did in 2018. For the past three years, Keene has treated

Erny and Bev Hladun of Shoal Lake put commercialism on the back burner
 at Christmas.

Home for the holidays

For this couple, Christmas is all about family togetherness and fun

Stepping into the home of Erny and Bev Hladun is like stepping into Christmas itself. Evergreen garlands trimmed with red bows grace every possible space, and the smell of Christmas baking is in the air. In front of the living room stands a Christmas tree covered in an eclectic mix of decorations collected throughout the

Post-Christmas gift discussions

The Jacksons from the December 20, 2018 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Sure smells good in the kitchen.” Andrew Jackson seated himself in the armchair next to the brightly decorated Christmas tree in the living room and cradled his coffee cup in his hands. “Smells good out here too,” said Rose. She sat up on the couch and pulled the comforter she had been napping under up

Jicama with avocado and
cilantro dip.

Beautiful vegetable platters for the holidays

Add a delicious, attractive and healthy option to your holiday season fare

Happy holidays! If your holiday season is like ours, food will be a common theme in your festivities. And rightly so. Sharing good food with loved ones is a way of celebrating our good fortune and passing on our traditions, culture, religion and family rituals. In our family, big, beautiful vegetable platters have become part

According to Davis Instruments, this Vantage Pro2 station — mounted on a 21-foot pole on the north coast of the Caribbean island of St. Barts — survived Hurricane Irma, during which it recorded a wind gust of 320 km/h.

Late weather-related holiday gift ideas

With weather stations, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for

With fairly quiet winter weather across the Prairies and as we head into the holiday season, it can be a tough time of year to come up with weather-related articles. I have to thank one reader who reminded me that I didn’t do my usual article on weather-related gift ideas, and while it might be

Lori and Art Gibson of Neepawa take a packed sleigh for a spin through the homesteaders’ village at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum Dec. 14.

PHOTOS: A pioneer Christmas

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum hosts this annual event

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has been celebrating the Christmas season with its annual Christmas Homesteaders’ Village event at Austin. For more than five years the group celebrates the season with the annual event to give attendees a glimpse into the lives of the early rural pioneers on the weekends leading up to Christmas. For many

U.S. livestock: CME hogs ease from 10-month top on lower cash prices

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange lean hogs on Wednesday slid from a 10-month high, weakened by profit-taking and less money paid by packers for slaughter-ready, or cash, hogs, said analysts. February closed 0.5 cent lower at 71.025 cents (all figures US$). April ended down 0.1 cent, at 75.275 cents. Processors need fewer animals