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Farmers should expect to start seeing Dr. Scott Zaari as he settles into his new role as Manitoba’s chief veterinary officer.

Meet Manitoba’s new CVO

Dr. Scott Zaari grew up and started his career in Alberta. Now he’s Manitoba’s new chief veterinary officer

Manitoba has a permanent chief veterinary officer for the first time in over a year. Dr. Scott Zaari has been named to the post. The position has been empty since the previous CVO, Dr. Megan Bergman, left in spring of 2018 for a different job. The CVO’s responsibilities have been divided by several of the

A total of 18 cases makes this the worst year ever for PED in Manitoba.

Manitoba hits record numbers of PED virus

Three more were cases confirmed in the 
fourth week of May

Eight cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) have been confirmed in Manitoba in the last month, making this the worst year on record for the virus. Last year, five cases of the disease were reported. Two of the eight cases were found 20 kilometres away from the initial infection area, whereas the initial cases were

Cold, wet weather increases risk of PED virus

Vigilant biosecurity practices are important as seasons change

Hog producers are warned to be particularly vigilant about biosecurity practices this fall because the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) is more likely to survive in cold, wet weather. “We expect to see more cases in the fall,” said Mark Fynn, animal care specialist at the Manitoba Pork Council. Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) had