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Backyard chicken flocks are under-regulated, according to a recent U.S. study.

Backyard chicken flocks need better management

Study finds this hip trend is raising troubling human and animal health questions

It used to be that keeping backyard chickens was a sign of economic hardship. These days however, it’s become an urban hobby and many proponents say they think it will be safer, fresher and more nutritious. A new study from the University of California-Davis is calling that view into question. It suggests local ordinances aren’t

Why farmers should care

The debate over backyard poultry taking place inside Winnipeg these days seems far removed from the real world of agriculture. A coalition of citizens is asking the city to reconsider its refusal to allow urbanites to produce eggs in their backyards. They aren’t being taken very seriously. If Councillor Grant Nordman is any indication, the

Urban poultry enthusiasts want bylaw changed

Winnipeg chicken flocks may still run a “fowl” of the city’s exotic animal bylaw, but activists hope city changes rules

There were a few ruffled feathers at Winnipeg’s city hall when a group came to lobby for the right to keep laying hens in their urban backyards, but city officials are studying the issue. One woman was ordered out of council chambers when she produced a live chicken during a meeting of the city’s protection

Letter to a young farmer…

The farm is old and needs a lot of work, you say. I hope you realize that 50 years from now your son will likely say the very same as he views your own weathered dreams, because farms, like people, never reach perfection. Yet every generation has a vision all its own, but sometimes in