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man holding crank-powered radio in Africa

Radio programs help improve crops in Africa

Farm Radio International broadcasts information relevant to farmers throughout Africa

Japhet Emmanuel was 10 years old when his father introduced him to radio. This was the best way to learn English, assured his father. So every evening the young Tanzanian man would sit next to the small black radio listening to the one English program. “BBC World Service,” he deepened his voice to sound like

Protesting farmers used farm equipment to temporarily block access to the Portage Diversion April 29.   Photo: shannon vanraes

Farmers, government spar over use of Portage Diversion

The channel ‘park-in’ demonstration by Lake Manitoba farmers and landowners 
was aimed at bringing attention to the government’s handling of 2011 flood

A protest by 60 fed-up Lake Manitoba-area farmers and landowners at the Portage Diversion April 29 was still making waves this week as organizers prepared for a court hearing into the province’s injunction against them. Kevin Yuill, who farms about 3,000 acres north of Portage la Prairie, organized the event that saw tractors and heavy

Agricultural Hall of Fame inductees for 2013

4-H leaders have become the second group 
to be recognized since the award 
was established in 1976

The province’s 4-H leaders are among the distinguished Manitobans being inducted into the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2013. This year’s inductees also include Charlie Froebe of Carman, Wilf (Butch) Harder of Lowe Farm, Herbert and Helen Kletke of Teulon, John W. Kuhl of Winkler and Vern McNair of Winnipeg. This is only the

Remembering Eugene Whelan

Ronald Reagan gets credit for winning the cold war with the former Soviet Union, but Eugene Whelan arguably played a role. Whelan was prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s agriculture minister for 12 years beginning in 1972, except for the nine months Joe Clark’s Progressive Conservatives held office in 1979. He died last week at age 88.

Municipalities object to amalgamation decree

Association of Manitoba Municipalities head says amalgamation is a complex process that can’t be rushed

The province has told municipalities to get on with amalgamation, rejecting their plea for more time for orderly planning. “It’s an expedited process,” said Doug Dobrowolski, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. “We’re very concerned that the public is not going to have an opportunity to voice their concern here.” But that argument didn’t

Financial guru says happiness doesn’t come from a credit card

David Chilton says too many Canadians have “lost their minds” and are piling on debt in a never-ending shopping spree that will end in tears

It may have been the best-attended scolding in Brandon’s history. And the standing-room-only audience at the Keystone Centre appeared to love every minute of financial guru David Chilton’s impassioned call for a return of everyday financial sanity. “We have way too many people, beyond any common-sense measure, who have way too much debt,” said the

Communications breakdown added to emergency

Volunteer firefighters racing to reach fire-threatened Vita last week passed hundreds of vehicles headed the other direction and wondered what they were headed into, said veteran firefighter Alain Nadeau. “I’ve been doing this for 33 years and this was the scariest I’ve seen,” said the weary La Broquerie fire chief on Friday after an exhausting

Tips and questions

Dear Reena, I just discovered a method for freezing peaches and it is a wonderful time and mess saver. This works the same way as freezing whole tomatoes and it is so easy! Just freeze the whole peach, with skin and all, and when it is time to use it, run it under hot water