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Winter Cereals Manitoba now in on amalgamation plan

A possible union between four Manitoba commodity grower groups has a new fifth player on deck. Winter Cereals Manitoba Inc. (WCMI) announced Thursday its chair, Doug Martin, and director Allan Olinyk will join a steering committee made up of directors and staff from the Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA), National

The Manitoba Flax Growers Association is moving to Carman and chair Eric Fridfinnson is pleased the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Association has agreed to administer the association on a fee-for-service basis.

Flax, winter cereals groups moving to Carman

While not formerly part of the commodity group merger talks, 
it demonstrates a willingness towards additional collaboration

The Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA) and Winter Cereals Manitoba Inc. (WCMI) are moving to the Carman office already occupied by a number of other commodity organizations. The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSGA) will administer the MFGA starting March 1, MFGA chair Eric Fridfinnson told reporters Feb. 15, following the association’s annual meeting during

VIDEO: Avoiding drift when spraying dicamba on Xtend soybeans

VIDEO: Avoiding drift when spraying dicamba on Xtend soybeans

Crop Diagnostic School: Terry Buss with Manitoba Agriculture offers some advice for producers

Tips to avoid drift when applying dicamba to Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans were part of the 2017 Crop Diagnostic School at the University of Manitoba’s Carman research station on July 5. Terry Buss, Manitoba Agriculture’s Farm Production Extension Specialist for Pulses, spoke with Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson about what steps producers should take

More than a hundred volunteers came out to fill sandbags near Carman as floodwaters rose April 2. Although the town is protected by a diversion, ice jams caused the Boyne River to spill its banks.

PHOTOS: Flood battle comes to areas of southern Manitoba

Town of Carman declares state of emergency, some local roads inaccessible

The town of Carman was one of five areas declaring states of emergency over the weekend and local residents are currently battling flood waters from a swollen Boyne River due to ice jams. Other areas in southern Manitoba are under siege from overland flooding which has closed roads and in some cases, caused washouts.

VIDEO: Dinner is served: Manitoba’s fall supper tradition

VIDEO: Dinner is served: Manitoba’s fall supper tradition

The community of Carman has been feeding both body and spirit for generations

Fall suppers have wrapped up for 2016, but the appetite for the tradition remains strong in many rural Manitoba communities. One example is Carman United Church which has served fall suppers to tens of thousands of people over the decades, and come every October, volunteers of all ages help plan, cook and serve a meal that feeds

Shirley Snider, treasurer with the Carman Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee holds their new brochure bearing the QR code to public cemeteries. Committee member Ina Bramadat and Nedra Burnett, the group's chairperson, say they hope their new guide sparks interest in local history and the many varied symbols found on headstones.

Heritage group creates online cemetery guide

A new online guide to local cemeteries will help bring the stories these sites tell to life, say its creators

People once knew how to “read” those chrysanthemums, empty chairs, logs and other symbols on headstones when they visited cemeteries. It’s a visual language mostly forgotten now. But modern eyes instantly recognize a different symbol — a ‘QR code,’ those tiny blocks of black and white squares are for scanning with smartphones to learn something.

rye seed

2015 MCVET winter wheat, fall rye data released

Farmers can use this data to make head-to-head comparisons of varietal performance at specific sites

Since 2008, MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) has been publishing winter cereal data collected from its trials shortly after harvest to help farmers and seed growers in Manitoba make variety decisions. In 2015, data is being released for five locations — Boissevain, Carman, Melita, Roblin and Winnipeg — for winter wheat and fall rye.

two women holding a plaque

Remembering the ol’ swimming hole in Carman

The local municipal heritage group in Carman has installed a commemorative sign where now only stairs and partial walkways remain of the former Boyne River Swimming Pool

The local pool will soon close as the end of summer nears and swimmers hang up their beach towels to return to school. There was a time when “the pool” never closed. It was the river. Rural Manitobans of a certain vintage will remember diving into their favourite swimming holes off riverbanks, but their children

Can an electric fence keep deer out? So far it’s protecting this plot at the University of Manitoba’s Ian N. Morrison Research Farm at Carman. But the deer need to be trained.

Electric fences could be an easier way to keep deer out of gardens

Deer. Sure they’re magnificent in the wild with their big dewy eyes, licorice noses and flashing white tails effortlessly clearing fences as if bouncing off hidden trampolines. But when they chow down on your garden, benevolence turns to malevolence. Where deer are plentiful protecting produce can be a big job for rural and urban gardeners

 Soybean plant with nematode-filled cysts.

On the lookout for soybean cyst nematodes

But make no mistake, this new destructive pest is coming and farmers 
can learn more about it July 22 at the SMART Soybean Day in Carman

Soybean cyst nematodes haven’t been found in Manitoba yet. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s only a matter of time until they are, says University of Manitoba soil scientist Mario Tenuta. But early detection will help farmers manage it. The search for the small, soil-borne, worm-like parasites that can dramatically reduce soybean