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KAP asks ag-minister Bibeau to reconsider carbon tax on grain drying, barns

KAP is still arguing for an exemption on carbon tax for grain drying and barn heating and they're sending their data to Ottawa

The Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) want federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau to reconsider exempting grain drying and barn heating from the carbon tax. Manitoba’s general farm organization made the pitch, backed by additional data, in a July 31 letter. “Carbon tax costs for farmers are significant,” KAP president Bill Campbell said in the letter. “A

Wab Kinew at a recent press event.

NDP, province spar on data quality after grain dryer carbon tax exemption nixed

Should the province have gathered better data before fighting for a federal exemption on carbon tax for grain dryers?

Manitoba’s official Opposition says the province should have fought harder to get a carbon tax exemption for grain dryers, following last year’s “harvest from hell.” NDP Leader Wab Kinew has argued that the province failed to collect adequate data on carbon tax cost accrued by farmers, after saying it would do so in January. “The

NDP leader Wab Kinew, seen here addressing reporters on June 30, says the PC government didn’t do enough to help Manitoba farmers on a carbon tax exemption for grain drying.

NDP criticizes ‘ballpark’ figures on carbon tax cost of grain-drying

The official opposition is arguing that the province should have gathered better data before fighting for grain dryers to be exempted from carbon tax

Manitoba’s official Opposition says the province should have done more to quantify farm carbon tax cost before entering the ring with the federal government. Why it matters: Farmers in Manitoba say the carbon tax took a significant financial chunk out of their wallets given the surge in grain drying last fall — and farm groups

CPC leadership hopefuls list ending carbon tax as priority for agriculture

Party leadership candidates also look to strengthen trade relationships

Removing the carbon tax is the main priority for the two top Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership candidates, according to a recent survey. Peter MacKay and Erin O’Toole, considered the front-runners in a small field of leadership hopefuls, listed eliminating the environmental policy in response to a series of questions posed to them by

Manitoba farmers say grain drying costs are significant and the carbon tax is adding insult to injury.

According to ag-minister Bibeau, carbon tax on grain drying insignificant

"It comes back to competitiveness and what makes sense and it seems in this industry and in this country right now we are just shooting ourselves in the foot..." – Warren McCutcheon

“Frustration.” That’s the word Bill Campbell and Warren McCutcheon both independently used to describe their reaction to federal agriculture minister Marie Claude Bibeau saying the carbon tax collected from farmers’ drying grain is so small an exemption isn’t warranted. “It’s frustrating when she asks for the data (on grain drying costs) and she won’t be

Carbon pricing not having ‘significant impact’ on grain drying, Bibeau says

Conservatives, ag groups dispute government's numbers

Ottawa — Grain drying costs an average of $210 to $819 per farm in carbon taxes, according to federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. Her department used data provided by grower groups – including Manitoba’s Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) and the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) – to arrive at the figures. The federal estimate

Federal carbon tax rises despite opposition, pandemic

Ottawa not backing away from scheduled increases

Ottawa — The federal government has pushed ahead with an increase to the carbon tax despite continued calls from the agriculture sector for reprieve from the program. The price on carbon rose from $20 per tonne to $30 per tonne effective April 1. The federal Liberal government is standing firm on its commitment to increase

Grain drying and other agricultural activities will be exempt from the carbon tax — if the federal government signs off on the provincial plan.

Province going ahead on flat carbon tax, lower PST

The province says farmers will get their wish on grain drying and barn heating exemptions, if the federal government accepts the provincial plan

The province is again pushing for a $25-per-tonne flat rate on carbon tax — along with exemptions on fuel for grain drying and heating barns — despite an ongoing spat with Ottawa. At the same time, the province has announced that the PST will be dropping from seven to six per cent. Both are set