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Hemp agronomy 101 comes to the classroom

NorQuest College of Edmonton hopes to provide new growers with information on the crop

As hemp production jumps across the Prairies, more first-time producers are being drawn to the crop, prompting an Alberta college to offer a course in how to grow it. NorQuest College offers two courses, one on hemp production and another on processing and products. The Edmonton community college aims to equip continuing education students with

For the first time hemp growers may be able to legally harvest parts of the plant for nutraceutical use.

Hemp industry faces down ‘cannabis’ label for CBD

Hemp producers will have to bridge the line between hemp and cannabis regulations if they want to sell hemp for CBD extraction

While the concept of CBD and cannabinoids are still exciting to the hemp industry, reality has begun to settle in. The federal government’s decision to treat marijuana and hemp-derived nutraceuticals the same will mean an extra layer of red tape for any producer itching to jump on this bandwagon. Hemp growers are placing high hopes

Lyall Bates (l ) and Keith Watson (r) display a sample of the hemp fibre produced by Hemp Sense during the recent Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance conference in Winnipeg.

Hemp processor preparing to jump in on CBD

What will a hemp-derived CBD market look like? One Manitoba processor says it’s looking hard at how to make it a reality

Lyall Bates has high hopes for CBD. “I think the extraction equipment is here and even with the regulations and the laws, I think it’s ready,” Bates said. “I think the farmers now just have to get a little more educated (on) how to take these crops off and how to save the strains.” Maximizing

Hemp growers say outdoor cultivation of cannabis too close to their fields could see them inadvertently running afoul of some regulations.

Navigating the hemp nutraceutical market

Hemp growers will soon clear the legal hurdles keeping them from the nutraceutical market, but they may face an uphill climb from the field

A regulatory roadblock is about to disappear for hemp growers, but plenty of obstacles remain to capturing the nutraceutical market. Until now they’ve been required to destroy parts of the plant that might have otherwise been harvested, but new regulations from Health Canada will be arriving along with cannabis legalization this fall. They will then

U.S. approves marijuana-derived drug for epilepsy

Reuters — The U.S. health regulator approved GW Pharmaceuticals’ epilepsy treatment on Monday, making it the first cannabis-based drug to win approval in the country and opening floodgates for more research into the medicinal properties of cannabis. The drug’s approval permits its use in patients aged two years and older with Dravet Syndrome (DS) and

Editorial: Green tape

Hipsters and hippies across the country are set to celebrate cannabis legalization this coming Canada Day. The Trudeau government is on track for legalizing this recreational drug by that date, one of the highest-profile promises made during the last election campaign. That’s likely a good thing. While any recreational drug, alcohol included, is a problem

Red tape seen costing hemp growers market share

CNS Canada — Canadian hemp producers are missing out on a potential billion-dollar market opportunity due to government regulations, an industry group warns. Canadian hemp farmers are only permitted to use certain parts, the stalk and seeds, of the plants they grow. As a result, the growers are missing out in the market, said Kim