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Manitoba ‘on track’ on PigCARE, PigSAFE registrations

Delays have extended deadlines on PigCARE and PigSAFE to January 2024

Manitoba saw a surge of producers registered with the Canadian Pork Council’s (CPC) PigCARE and PigSAFE programs in the last year, but rollout has been slower than first hoped. Why it matters: The Manitoba Pork Council has said the programs, and their increased biosecurity and traceability requirements, are critical for maintaining market access. Just under

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Feds back pork producers with new levy on imports

New national pork agency to be up and running next summer

A new agency will use funds from a new levy on imported pork to pay for research and promotion for the Canadian pork sector. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau on Thursday officially announced the creation of the Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency (PRA). The Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC) and Agriculture and

“Eventually, sooner rather than later, we’d really like to see a positive income.” Rick Bergmann, Canadian Pork Council.

Backlog prevention costs pork producers

[email protected] Marketing and the Manitoba Pork Council say they’re floating the idea of AgriRecovery, but don’t give much hope that government will pay out

Aggressive marketing appears to have kept independent hog producers from backing up despite COVID-19 cases piling up at Maple Leaf Foods in Brandon. Contingency measures have come with a cost, however, and those costs have hog sector leaders eyeing potential AgriRecovery funds. Why it matters: Pork tanked earlier this year due to a glut of

Pork producers call for a more targeted AgriStability

Pork producers call for a more targeted AgriStability

The Canadian Pork Council wants to leave AgriStability’s trigger where it is, but bolster compensation levels

Canada’s pork producers are offering up a new solution to long-standing frustrations from industry over the AgriStability program. In a letter to federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) agriculture ministers, the Canadian Pork Council is calling for an increase to the compensation rate offered under the business risk management program from the current 70 per cent to

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Hog farmers face prolonged pain as pandemic gives way to glut

Canadian Pork Council takes new tack on AgriStability reform

Winnipeg | Reuters — North America’s hog farmers face prolonged pain beyond the COVID-19 pandemic that has interrupted packing plants , as a pig glut in the U.S. holds prices low and pressures producers to downsize. Many North American hogs had nowhere to go in spring as slaughter plants suspended production due to workers becoming

Contingency plans tentatively in place for Brandon pork plant closure

Contingency plans tentatively in place for Brandon pork plant closure

No plans to close Maple Leaf Foods plant in Brandon despite COVID-19 cases, union calls to do so

“Every effort” will be made to find processing capacity for hogs if Brandon’s Maple Leaf Foods plant closes due to a cluster of COVID-19 cases there says Manitoba Pork. “I want to emphasize there is no plan being put in place to shut down the plant in Brandon,” Manitoba Pork general manager Andrew Dickson told

Canada’s pork sector has been hard hit by processing bottlenecks and market free fall due to COVID-19.

Pork sector temporarily halting ractopamine-free program audits

The pork sector says temporarily postponing ractopamine audits is small potatoes, compared to the other stresses facing its industry

Audits to check against the use of the feed additive ractopamine are the latest casualty of COVID-19. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said May 20 that third-party audits under the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program may be postponed. Facilities with audits between March and the end of May are impacted, the agency said. Why it matters: Ractopamine was

Pork producers say they’re suffering a financial crisis as COVID-19 has closed processing plants and sent the market into a tailspin.

Pork sector calls for federal ‘fire crew’ as market goes up in flames

The pork sector says it is in critical need of financial support due to market disruptions from COVID-19

Canada’s pork producers are asking for emergency federal aid as their market spirals downward. Market disruptions due to COVID-19 have landed the pork market in a bad place as of late April. Multiple plant closures in the U.S. have dried up markets for Canadian weanlings, a two-week plant closure of an Olymel facility in Quebec

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Pork sector’s calls for aid heard, not yet answered

Federal government says it's examining "all options"

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s office said late last week the government is working “around the clock” to respond to the pandemic’s impact on farmers and agri-food businesses. But there was no commitment to the direct support Canadian pork industry officials say is now necessary to carry the sector through a crisis which has led

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Pig farmers seek aid of $20 per hog against market crash

Losses of $675 million expected from COVID-19-related causes

Canada’s hog producers seek an immediate federal cash injection equivalent to $20 per hog against a market crash that’s expected to cost their sector about $675 million overall. Officials with the Canadian Pork Council on Thursday called for Ottawa to provide further aid to hog farmers who are now expecting to lose $30 to more