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Check firearms licence expiry date

Thank you, Inky Mark. You saved me 80 bucks and probably a lot of grief. Your letter to the editor in last week’s Manitoba Co-operator prompted me to dig out my Firearm’s Licence to check the expiration date, which turns out to be next Feb. 28. After getting the licence in 2007 it was shoved

Letters, June 7, 2012

Farmers own CWB assets Gerry Ritz, once again, attempts to justify the confiscation of the contingency fund and other assets of the Canadian Wheat Board single desk, “Contingency fund not owed to farmers” in the May 31 issue. He is correct in stating that the fund was not generated by the CWB’s “normal” pooling operation

Bill C-391 Wins Free Vote Nod

Aprivate member’s bill aimed at scrapping the long-gun registry passed a critical vote in the House of Commons last week, but local gun sellers and owners aren’t breaking out the champagne just yet. Travis Vandaele, owner of Jo-Brook Firearms in Brandon, noted that before Bill C-391 becomes law, it will still have to survive more

Twelve Votes Needed To End Gun Registry

The latest attempt by Conservative Party members to abolish the controversial long-gun registry comes up for a House of Commons vote Nov. 4. Twelve extra votes from opposition party MPs are all that the minority Conservatives need to pass the legislation ending the requirement that individuals and businesses register their rifles and shotguns, said Tory