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As farmers are putting their next 
crop in, there’s controversy over how hard hit some producers have been, 
according to the latest income figures.

Farm income up amid calls for more farm aid

Do Prairie grain farmers need more government help? Not right now according to one producer

Long before COVID-19 disrupted agricultural markets, Canadian farm leaders were lobbying the federal government for money to offset the effect of trade disputes and harvest problems. But the latest farm income figures don’t necessarily back that call, showing, on the whole, Canadian farmers netted more money in 2019 than the year before. 2019 Canadian farm

Bibeau faces off with opposition MPs over pandemic supports

The government is under pressure to come up with more farm aid

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau confirmed to a parliamentary committee that the cost of business risk management (BRM) programs would exceed its usual expense because of COVID-19. Typically around $1.6 billion is spent on the programming each year, but earlier this month Bibeau told the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food the amount

Opinion: Digital committee meetings face technical and time limitations

Politicians may have to drop some of the partisanship to get the job done

Our members of parliament should be applauded for their efforts to practise democracy during these trying times. MPs have taken to meeting online to conduct parliamentary committee meetings. So far, they have proven challenging but workable. Recent meetings of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food committee have highlighted the inconvenience. There are regular technical

CFA seeks $2.6 billion in support for producers

Federal officials sought specific numbers from ag industry

Ottawa — Canada’s agriculture industry is seeking an initial $2.6 billion in COVID-19-related emergency relief funding from the federal government. Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) officials put in the ask to the federal government on Thursday. According to second vice-president Chris van den Heuvel, federal officials asked the CFA “to go and put hard numbers

Temporary foreign workers finally on their way

Workers remain a critical issue for Canadian farms, says CFA president Mary Robinson

International workers have begun to trickle onto Manitoba farms. On Beth Connery’s farm, near Portage la Prairie, seven Jamaican men were a few days into their 14-day quarantine when she spoke to the Co-operator on April 15. “It’s nice to get started,” Connery said. “This will get us going.” Each year, about 60,000 temporary foreign

An employee takes inventory at a grocery store amid coronavirus fears spreading, in Toronto March 13, 2020.

Is Canada food secure?

One farm group says without government support for farmers, domestic food supplies aren’t guaranteed

COVID-weary Canadians have something else to keep them up at night — the spectre of a domestic food shortage. “(W)ithout immediate assistance from the federal government, the Canadian agriculture sector cannot ensure our domestic food supply will remain secure for the immediate and long-term benefit of all Canadians (because of COVID-19),” the Canadian Federation of

$16 billion pledged to U.S. farmers due to COVID-19

USDA predicts lower prices for most commodities, excluding wheat and rice

While the Canadian Federation of Agriculture asks for ad hoc subsidies to help Canadian farmers to offset lower incomes expected due to COVID-19, the United States administration could spend as much as $25 billion to help its farmers due to the pandemic. American farmers will receive billions of dollars of subsidies through direct payments. But

Increased federal support for TFWs welcomed

Ottawa — The Canadian Horticultural Council says Monday’s federal announcement offering $50 million to help cover the extra costs associated with importing foreign workers this year is welcomed support. “We are finding that there are a lot of increased costs this year with COVID-19 and bringing in the employees, so having the extra money will

Poultry farmers’ groups have said they support the private member’s bill.

Industry supports bill to punish on-farm protests

The federal private member’s bill increases fines for trespass that threatens animals

Glacier FarmMedia – The growing issue of on-farm protests threatening the health and safety of animals is the subject of a private member’s bill recently introduced to the House of Commons. Conservative Party of Canada Agriculture Critic John Barlow introduced the bill with the goal of punishing those responsible for on-farm protests. Why it matters:

“Attracting youth to careers across food production is critical.” – RBC report.

Youth council could be positive step in solving labour shortage

The group will help inform future agriculture policy by engaging younger industry members

The federal government is attempting to harness the power of youth by creating a Canadian Agricultural Youth Council. It will convene a group of young people who will, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), “provide valuable advice on agriculture and agri-food issues that matter most to them, everything from sustainable agriculture, market diversification and