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Processed meat products are particularly hard to test for adulteration.

Rapid detection of meat fraud

Spanish researchers say a new biosensor can give test results within an hour

In recent years meat fraud has been a growing problem. Unscrupulous sellers have been caught adulturating beef with cheaper horsemeat and swapping chicken for turkey in sausages labelled 100 per cent turkey. Now researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid say they’ve developed an electrochemical biosensor that can quickly detect a DNA fragment unique to

Sweat like a pig for a bacon sandwich

A Toronto restaurant is offering a 30 per cent discount on bacon sandwiches to customers who run or cycle a course through city streets that is shaped like a pig. Rashers, billed as North America’s only bacon-only shop, is urging exercisers to recoup their “hard-burned” calories by stopping by the shop for a post-workout sandwich.

Pancake puzzler: Maple syrup heist baffles Quebec

Thieves in Quebec may have pulled off the sweetest heist of all time, siphoning off a reservoir of maple syrup from a warehouse and cleverly covering up their caper to evade detection, an industry group said Aug. 31. The warehouse in rural Quebec held more than $30 million worth of maple syrup, a whopping 10

Half-step for Product of Canada labels

Agriculture Canada is stepping up its promotion of a Canada Brand program to help identify Canadian food products for consumers at home and abroad. The government is supporting pilot projects in a select group of stores across the country with Canadian products marked with a special red maple leaf label. But the program only works

Happy hogs and right smart marketing

For over 20 years Jackie served as the main field hand on the big dairy farm of my youth. He possessed a hired man’s respect for talk; he talked only when talked to and then, most times, in a collection of southern Illinois’ phrases that carried more code than context. For example, once my father

Recipe Swap – for Jul. 21, 2011

You may recall seeing an invitation on these pages this spring to send us a “fruity story.” We received loads of wonderful short stories from you about your berry-picking experiences and adventures and thank you all for writing to us. Notably, every story we received was handwritten and all are about adventures out picking wild

Fiddleheads — Free For The Picking

Some people are unapologetic foragers. They are morel hunters, berry pickers and hazelnut gatherers. Along with morels, fiddleheads are one of the most popular wild delicacies of spring, and like morel hunters, fiddlehead foragers are very secretive about their harvesting locations. Fiddleheads are the coiled, immature fronds of the ostrich fern. They acquired their name