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Manitoba Beef Producers got an inside look at the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association record-keeping software, Herdly, during the AGM Feb. 8-9, 2018.

Trials are open on CCA record-keeping app

The CCA is pitching a new record-keeping app, and it’s letting producers try it for free until April 1

*[UPDATED: Feb. 27, 2018] The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is dishing out a taste of its new cow-calf record-keeping tool before it hits the market. Producers can get a free trial of Herdly, software developed for both desktop and Apple mobile, from now until April 1, 2018, Mark Klassen, CCA director of technical services announced during

Beef and Forage Days runs this week from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2.

Beef and forage highlights to hit Manitoba communities

Producers have a one-stop shop for beef commodity group and 
forage news as Beef Days starts its week-long tour

Ag Days is over, but Manitoba’s Beef Producers has its own round in the spotlight starting today. This year’s Beef and Forage Days will cover five stops from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. The tour starts in the Interlake with Eriksdale before moving to Ste. Rose and Minitonas in the following days. Holland will host

Traceability changes to jumpstart enforcement in livestock movement reporting

Traceability changes to jumpstart enforcement in livestock movement reporting

Manitoba producers without a premise 
ID might find it hard to ship livestock once 
the Canadian Food Inspection Agency 
announces traceability changes 
expected next spring

The countdown is on for Manitoba beef producers to get a premise ID or risk being unable to ship cattle to feedlots. The beef industry is one of several (including sheep and poultry) facing changes by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency within the next year. The CFIA has promised tighter controls over livestock traceability and

An Ontario-based producer co-operative has developed a mobile system which can provide true traceability in livestock production.

Acquiring true livestock traceability

A new mobile tool created by a Canadian producer co-operative offers producers the ability to capture livestock data in the field with the device that is already in their pocket

A new mobile tool created by a Canadian producer co-operative offers producers the ability to capture livestock data in the field with the device that is already in their pocket

A data-management platform from an Ontario producer co-operative is promising birth-to-sale traceability made easy. BIO, based in Elora, Ont., has designed three systems that work in conjunction with each other to offer mobile traceability from the birth of the calf to the sale of the final product. The future of the beef industry is data

Two newly tagged cattle walk under an archway equipped with ultra-high-frequency RFID readers that record their data during field testing with SAIT RADLab industry partner CL Ranches.

Ultra-high-frequency RFID takes tag reading to the next level

Forget reading one tag at a time, this technology can track every member of a herd going down an alley at once

Cattle producers could save themselves a fair bit of time and money — if they’re willing to make the shift from standard low-frequency RFID tags to a new ultra-high-frequency alternative. “The typical button tag has been around for a long time and works very well, but it’s in a low-frequency spectrum and the read range

Dr. Allan Preston,  co-ordinator of the Riding Mountain TB eradication project, provided Manitoba Beef Producers with an update on TB surveillance efforts.

TB testing contained to core area

Continued producer co-operation is needed to eradicate the disease by 2024

Bovine TB testing will be restricted to the core area around Riding Mountain National Park, and there are plans to move away from on-farm testing altogether, producers heard at a Manitoba Beef Producers district meeting here last month. “We are already into the 2015-16 program,” said Dr. Allan Preston, co-ordinator of the Bovine TB Management

Traceability initiatives announced

Staff / New regulations will soon make traceability mandatory for pigs, the federal government has announced. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is proposing regulations that would require custodians of pigs to identify all farmed pigs and farmed wild boars using approved methods and record and report all movements of pigs from birth or import, to

Feds fund national ID data system

staff / The federal government will put up $500,000 to create a single national data management system for livestock traceability. Pierre Lemieux, the federal parliamentary secretary for agriculture, announced the funding for the creation of a new single system, Canadian Agri-Traceability Services (CATS) at the Calgary Stampede. CATS will provide traceability data services for both

Expert Panel Points To Major Problems

Major hurdles need to be overcome before a national beef traceability system can be introduced, members of an expert panel told beef producers meeting here Nov. 4. We have a bookend system, said Darcy Eddleston, chair of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency s board of directors, at the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting. We

Recent Audit Uncovers Problems

Data integrity is key to the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency s efforts, but a recent audit found major problems. If we are going to rely on this information to market cattle internationally, we have to know that the information we have is correct, said CCIA chair Darcy Eddleston. A consultant recently found 1.2 million errors