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“We need to make sure that we have market access. That’s absolutely critical.” – Cam Dahl

Cam Dahl appointed Manitoba Pork general manager

Dahl comes from the chief strategy officer role with Cereals Canada and has extensive organizational experience in agriculture

Longtime agriculture leader Cam Dahl will take the role of general manager at Manitoba Pork starting February 22. “We’re very much looking forward to his working at Manitoba Pork,” said George Matheson, Manitoba Pork Council chair. “(Outgoing manager Andrew Dickson) had a great history with us, but time moves on and we’re looking forward to

Dean Dias has been named CEO of Cereals Canada.

Revamped Cereals Canada has new CEO, CSO

INDUSTRY | Dean Dias is the new CEO while former CEO Cam Dahl is the new chief strategy officer

Dean Dias is Cereals Canada’s new CEO. The old CEO, Cam Dahl, is the revamped organization’s new chief strategy officer (CSO). The appointments took effect Aug. 17. Dias worked at the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) for about a decade, including most recently as director of value chain relations and interim CEO, until Cigi merged

Opinion: ‘Canadian grain — it won’t hurt you’

Opinion: ‘Canadian grain — it won’t hurt you’

A merged Cigi/Cereals Canada should deal with customers, not consumers

In 1935, the Canadian Wheat Board launched a promotion campaign in the United Kingdom with a film called “The Kinsmen.” It showed how British immigrants to Canada were now farmers sending wheat back to their “kinsmen” in the U.K. The film showing how their wheat was grown, harvested and shipped had high production values for

Questions over the sustainability of crop production are increasing.

Roundtable to form code of sustainable crop practices

This program will help producers tell the story of crop sustainability 
in Canada, something Cam Dahl says isn’t done enough

A sustainable crop code of conduct will help farmers tell the good story of agriculture in Canada, say members of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC). “We need to do a better job of telling (these stories),” said Cam Dahl, who is president of Cereals Canada and chair of the steering committee for the

Two simple spray tips can make or break Canadian crops

Two simple spray tips can make or break Canadian crops

Before spraying your in-crop application, ‘keep it clean’ with these best practices

Farmers have a lot on their plates as they head into the spraying season. The Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada and Pulse Canada are reminding growers of best practices that can have a major impact on marketing grain. Proper pesticide use is a critical factor in growing export-quality grain. As a world leader in

MacAulay not saying if he’ll fix U.S. wheat-grading irritant

MacAulay not saying if he’ll fix U.S. wheat-grading irritant

The U.S. and Canadian grain sectors agree American wheat delivered to Canada should be eligible for the same grades if the variety is registered in Canada — but will it take U.S. trade action to make it happen?

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has heard the Canadian grain sector’s request to fix a trade irritant over grading imported American wheat, but isn’t saying if he’ll do anything about it. Given United States President Donald Trump’s bellicose anti-trade comments, followed last month by Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s resolution to the U.S. Senate’s finance committee,

Canada’s wheat industry wants the federal government to amend the Canada Grain Act so deliveries from the U.S. are treated the same way Canadian ones are, to prevent raising the ire of President Donald Trump.

Canada’s grain sector wants to keep wheat off Trump’s hit list and preserve open border

That’s why it’s pushing Ottawa to change the grading system to accommodate 
American wheat delivered to Canadian elevators

[Updated May 10, 2017] With Canadian softwood lumber and dairy already in President Donald Trump’s crosshairs, there are fears United States could soon go after Canadian wheat. The Americans have long complained Canadian wheat has enjoyed unfettered access to the U.S. market under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but charge Canadian regulations discriminate against

Young soccer player enjoying halftime snack

Opinion: The disgrace of food shaming

A few days ago a friend told me snacks had been banned from their six-year-old’s soccer games. The team was forced to, because some parents had taken to social media to shame other families, because their snacks did not measure up to the shamers’ idea of social acceptability. Food shaming impacts almost all consumers. What

With the crop coming off, grain value chain members are reminding growers to prevent herbicide residue issues and even naturally occurring toxins from hurting our international reputation.

A ‘clean’ harvest key to smooth trade

Take precautions against pesticide residues and naturally occurring toxins in grain

As farmers harvest this year’s crop they’re also being reminded that the eyes — and analytic testing equipment — of the world are on them like never before. Making sure they’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s during this critical time will help protect markets, avoid trade disputes and prevent lawsuits. “There is more

Supporters of the Stronger In Campaign react as results of the EU referendum 
are announced at the Royal Festival Hall, in London.

Brexit fallout extends to Prairie farms

Commodity markets are roiling and key trade deals are in jeopardy

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union threw key trade deals in jeopardy while sending shock waves through global financial and commodity markets last week. Most equities and commodities, including wheat, corn and soybeans, dropped sharply in trade the day after the June 23 referendum, while traditional safe-haven investments like gold and the U.S. dollar