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North Interlake highway wins ‘race to disgrace’

PR 239 to Faulkner and Steep Rock tops 
CAA’s 2017 worst roads list

If repairs can’t be sped up, at least slow down the traffic, say local leaders where CAA’s annual worst roads campaign ranked local roads the worst in the province. Last week’s list put PR 239 into Faulkner and Steep Rock as the worst of the worst in Manitoba and it took an early lead in

Sections of the provincial highway running through Carman, cited as ‘Main Street South and North’ now have the dubious distinction of being the worst roads in the province.

Rural roads worst in CAA’s 2016 voting

Carman mayor says 2016 campaign sends strong message about just how bad roads are

The mayor of Carman isn’t very happy to have his town’s Main Street now known as Manitoba’s worst road. But Bob Mitchell says at least it draws attention to a problem local people regularly give him and his council an earful about. Two sections of Provincial Hwy. 13 intersecting his town — dubbed Main Street

Manitobans need to carry items for survival and visibility to be better prepared for a roadside emergency, 
say officials with the Canadian Automobile Association.

Half of Manitobans not prepared for winter driving emergencies

Manitobans may be known for their hardiness, but they can be foolhardy when it comes to winter driving

A Manitoba roadway can be a very cold place if you’re stuck on the side of it waiting for help. But Manitobans regularly travel in winter without giving the slightest thought to how uncomfortable they’d quickly become if they became stranded in their cars. A survey of 300 Manitobans conducted by Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

In Brief… – for May. 19, 2011

All wheels covered:CAA Manitoba members can now seek roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week when their bike chain breaks or a tire tube pops. Bike Assist is a new benefit that allows CAA members to use any of their four annually allotted service calls to receive roadside assistance if their bike

Update Insurance Before The Flood

Saturated soil and heavy snowfall mean many Manitoba homeowners are faced with the very real possibility their property will flood this spring. That’s why CAA Manitoba Insurance is reminding homeowners to take precautions against water damage and to find out what is and what isn’t included in their insurance policy. “Flood forecasts already predict a

CAA Survey Takes A Sober Look At Drinking And Driving

Manitobans don’t always make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving, according to a new CAA study. CAA’s Traffic Safety Culture survey has found 35 per cent of those questioned admitted to driving after they had been drinking “at least once” in the past year. Twenty per cent say they have driven

In Brief… – for Sep. 17, 2009

Petunia facelift: Three eastern research institutions are joining forces to give the popular petunia a genetic overhaul. Researchers from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture will soon begin work on developing new traits for the ornamental. “Taking a genomics approach we will search for value-added