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Here’s Some Concrete Ideas

RENA NERBAS To repair cracks in the driveway, begin by cleaning the area. Patch with crack filler (a caulk-like compound) available at home improvement stores. After applying the compound, smooth the area using a putty knife. Tip: For extra traction on the driveway, spread sand onto the wet sealer before it dries. For larger areas

Old Is As Good As New

Is your community tearing down old buildings and building anew to gain energy efficiency and a “greener” environment? If so, you are losing more than you’re gaining, according to a new way of thinking about old buildings that defines them as both far more energy efficient and “green” than presumed. Nicola Spasoff, municipal liaison officer

Hog Barn Timbers Rise Again In Clearwater

“He took a hog barn, and turned it into something that would look good anywhere in the province of Manitoba.” – DAVID GUILFORD “If we can raise a barn together, why can’t we deconstruct a barn together? I think we still don’t recognize the value of old buildings.” – LANCELOT COAR The community-owned restaurant in

Rim joists can be source of energy loss

To determine if the rim joists in your home are insulated, go into your basement or crawl space and look up. NDSU AGRICULTURE COMMUNICATION RELEASE With heating and cooling costs fluctuating, many people are looking for ways to reduce home heating loss and cut their heat bills. “An area that is often overlooked in homes