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Delegates participating in the Canadian Society for Bioengineering convention Food, Fuel and Fibre for a Sustainable Future enter the ‘Green Garage’ site at the University of Manitoba’s Alternative Village during an August tour.

U of M showcases alternative building materials

‘Hempcrete,’ soy-based roof panels and other Manitoba-grown biomass products 
are tested and evaluated at University of Manitoba’s Alternative Village

It looks like any other shipping container, but what’s inside could help boost food security in remote areas of the country one day. Biosystems engineers at the University of Manitoba are perfecting a self-contained unit which includes a biomass boiler that produces up to 56 kW of heat. The unit also has a Stirling engine

Building more than one home at a time at the same location lowers overall waste for all the projects by enabling 
a full recycling system.

RTM building process lowers waste

Energy-efficient designs and in-factory recycling make RTM homes a green building option

An element of ready-to-move (RTM) construction that’s garnering more attention recently is the lower levels of waste generated by this type of build. Those close to the industry say that it’s increasingly becoming a larger selling point for the RTM homeowner. “With the RTMs being built at one location within the factories, it really reduces

Shiver me timbers… again

J Neufeld didn’t intend to start an environmentally sustainable business when he and Grant Dyck launched Wood Anchor in 2005 — he just loved the look and texture of reclaimed wood. He’s now a passionate advocate of both sustainability and repurposed timber, and has made unique furniture and architectural products out of everything from downed

Time To Caulk Cracks

Now s the time to caulk cracks around wooden windows to prevent moisture from entering and starting the process of rotting. Once begun, rot will accelerate, damaging both casing and window. Caulking guns are awkward to handle and extrusion can be hit and miss due to uneven pressure, causing unsightly smears and uneven lines. There

Properly Rebuild, Insulate Flooded Homes

If your home was flooded, make sure it is rebuilt and insulated properly. The desire to get flooded homes rebuilt before winter is understandable, but homeowners need to ensure they rebuild right so they do not create long-term problems, says Carl Pedersen, energy educator with the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Flooded homes will

The Business Of Sustainability In Dairy

Sustainability may be the new buzzword in agribusiness, but it’s not a simple subject. Dairy Farmers of Canada guest panellists provided delegates to the annual conference held in Winnipeg July 12 and 13 with three perspectives on sustainability. According to Petra Kassun- Mutch, founder of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company in Ontario, sustainability isn’t just

Control Basement Water Seepage

If the water table in your area is above your basement floor, you may be dealing with water seeping into the basement. Water can get into the basement where the walls and floor meet and through cracks in the floor. Sometimes water also will come through cracks in the wall, but that usually is the

Clean Wet Buildings Quickly, Safely

Flooding and seepage from saturated soils mean many on the Northern Great Plains will be faced with cleaning wet buildings this spring. Ken Hellevang, a North Dakota State University Extension Service engineer and professor in NDSU’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, has these tips to help the cleanup go more smoothly and safely: When using

Hemp Fibre-Processing Facility Going Up

After five years of planning, construction of the province’s first large-scale hemp fibre-processing plant near Gilbert Plains has begun. A handful of dignitaries were present for a groundbreaking ceremony last week as the first steel beams were erected on the site. Robert Jin, president of Plains Industrial Hemp Processing, first announced his plan to build

Just In Time For Father’s Day — A Great Gift Idea

This craft requires patience. The ink is not absorbed but sits on the tile’s surface so it may take a number of attempts to make a crisp printed image. Picture and letter stickers may replace the stamped images. Spray both versions with the sealer; omitting the oven process for the stickers and tile. Continue to