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Compensation programs hatched for feather sectors

On-farm investment, market development plans on deck

Long-awaited programs to make up for market share lost to imports under the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact are set to roll out to Canada’s chicken, egg and turkey farmers. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and caucus colleagues on Tuesday announced the specific contents of her previously-pledged $691 million, 10-year compensation funding envelope: a Poultry and Egg


Ontario’s broiler egg tracking systems backed for upgrades

Systems used to track broiler hatching egg and chick production in Ontario will get upgrades using federal-provincial cost-shared funding. The federal and Ontario governments on Monday last week announced up to $141,450 through the Place to Grow: Agri-food Innovation Initiative, a Canadian Agricultural Partnership program, for the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission (OBHECC).

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Tighter border programs eyed for poultry, dairy imports

Federal programs meant to give importers tariff breaks on certain imports and products destined for re-export are up for tweaks to better cover Canada’s supply-managed poultry and dairy sectors. The federal government said Friday it plans to launch consultations with “industry stakeholders” over potential changes to its Duties Relief Program (DRP) and Import for Re-Export

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Determining the sex of a chick while in the egg could make a Canadian technology a global hit

Incubating only female eggs would virtually double the 
efficiency of hatcheries and eliminate animal welfare issues

A new system to sex eggs before they hatch funded by the Ontario Poultry Industry Council (OPIC) could change the way egg hatcheries operate around the world. The machine is being commercialized by an unnamed Brockville, Ont. company and is set to enter the final testing phase later this year, said Harry Pelissero, general manager

Under the new guidelines, broilers and turkeys will get a four-hour dark period per day to help them sleep.

New poultry code of practice drafted

The new code offers more specifics about raising birds

A proposed new code of practice for the Canadian feather industry doesn’t contain many changes but it does get a lot more specific about how to raise poultry. Besides offering guidance, the new code outlines detailed requirements and recommended practices for the care and handling of broiler chickens, turkeys, breeders and hatching eggs. It goes

Visitors to Newest Poultry Farms Inc. don protective footwear on Open Farm Day.

Opinion: How open is Open Farm Day?

Livestock industry is risking its social licence

In many ways, Open Farm Day is an oxymoron. As much as it tries to help the public understand modern farming, it often reinforces just how inaccessible it has become. Lured by the promise of a chicken farmer’s barn and broilers, I headed out early on Sept. 20 to see the only poultry operation on

The rooster’s wake-up call

Anyone who has lived on or near a farmyard with chickens is well aware of the rooster’s ability to trumpet the arrival of morning long before the sun peeks over the horizon. But roosters have been delivering a wake-up call of a different sort lately — sounding the alarm over the risks inherent with the