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Broiler chickens are so distinct from earlier chickens they’re an unmistakable signal of man’s effect on nature.

Chickens herald of the Anthropocene era

Consumption of chickens signals new geological epoch, according to research led by the University of Leicester

There’s a proposal to declare a new man-made geological period to be dubbed the “Anthropocene” in recognition of human influence. Research by scientist Carys Bennett of the University of Leicester suggests breeding and consumption of modern broiler chickens signals the shift. “As the most numerous terrestrial vertebrate species on the planet, with a biology shaped

Processors’ concerns threaten to unravel national chicken allocation agreement

Provincial regulators asked to review the deal

A late appeal by western Canadian processors could jeopardize a landmark agreement aimed at settling a long-standing dispute among provinces over allocating broiler chicken quota. Chicken processors in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia are appealing a memorandum of understanding signed last summer by provincial chicken-marketing boards and Chicken Farmers of Canada for the allocation agreement.

Provinces facing rapid population growth want a bigger share of future broiler production quota allocations.

Chicken industry struggles with production quota allocations

An old problem takes on new urgency as disgruntled provinces start pulling out of the system

A recurring dispute over how production quota is allocated to provinces experiencing rapid population growth is once again haunting Canada’s broiler chicken industry. Negotiations to solve the issue of differential growth have repeatedly broken down and one province has left the national chicken system in protest. A solution appeared close several times this summer. But

Finding a better balance

There once was a rooster on our farm that was so nasty and unpredictable, he wound up in the stewing pot after a violent confrontation with Uncle Jerry — an event that even decades after the fact remains a cherished bit of family folklore. That rooster was big, beautiful and fearless. He ruled the roost with