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Former prime minister Brian Mulroney speaks to farmers at CropConnect in Winnipeg.

Non-partisan approach needed to trade

Canada and the U.S. need freer trade, not protectionism, 
according to the architect of NAFTA

The North American Free Trade Agreement might be bigger than Donald Trump, but that’s no guarantee it will survive his presidency intact. Speaking to producers at CropConnect in Winnipeg last week, noted conservative thinker David Frum gave his thoughts on the fate of the trade deal, which most consider to be essential to agriculture. A

Cereal Implements, first in self-propelled swathers

Cereal Implements, first in self-propelled swathers

Our History: August 1986

Canadian Co-operative Implements Ltd. (CCIL) started in 1940 as a co-op to market equipment and later manufacture its own. In 1973, CCIL built a large plant in Winnipeg to manufacture combines, swathers, discers, cultivators, harrows and other equipment. The decision turned out to be a poor one for the company, and it struggled for several

vintage newspaper advertisement

Mulroney government axes entire CTC research staff

Our History: March 1987

This advertisement in our March 26, 1987 issue reminds that Lindane-based seed treatments such as Vitavax are no longer registered in Canada. In the news that week, the Mulroney government had axed the Canadian Transport Commission’s entire research staff. This followed slashing of 35 Agriculture Canada research positions the previous year. One analyst noted that