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There are many ways to use bread that's maybe past its prime, such as baking a bread pudding.

Save some bread with these tips

Prairie Fare: Chocolate Bread Pudding

Does the bread have seeds in it?” my 11-year-old daughter asked. “The bread has no seeds,” I responded as I flipped the slices of french toast on the griddle. I am well aware that my youngest child does not like bread with added ingredients such as seeds and nuts. Usually she picks out all the

It’s time for baking bread: Buns, rolls, pull-aparts

Recipe Swap: Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Sour Cream Rolls, and English Bath Buns

On cold late-fall days, I remember coming home from school to a kitchen warm and fragrant with fresh-baked buns. Usually the scent of floor cleaner lingered with it; Mom always washed the floor after baking. Like many housekeepers of the mid-1960s, she’d ceased making bread, partly because of the chore it was, but more likely

From cleaning stippled ceilings to stoneware

Dear Reena, Our daughters are backpacking in Europe and they have asked us how to remove the smell from their microfibre towels. Washing them (likely by hand) is not doing the trick. — Thanks, Guy Guy, The first suggestion for the girls is to leave the towels on a line to dry after each use

Memories That Never Fade

Some memories grow rich with time – of old friends and books I’ve read, The dearest and most meaningful is of Mother’s homemade bread. Bundled up to fight the cold, we’d hurry home from school To the wonderful aroma of fresh loaves laid out to cool. Winters seemed much harsher then, roads blocked by heavy

Wake Up The Family With Sweetheart Toast

How about this toast for breakfast to greet each family member on Valentine’s Day? Materials: – 2/3 c. milk – Yellow food colour – Red food colour – White bread – Honey – 2 thin paintbrushes – Wide brush for honey – 2 glasses – A toaster oven works best Directions: Pour 1/3 cup of