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Brad Mummery (l to r), Athia Rose, Trent Tomoniko, Jonah Rose and Herb Golden (in back) at  the Friends of the Bluebirds meeting in April.

New groups take up birdhouse project

A 4-H group and a training centre are building to aid Friends of the Bluebirds

Two new groups are helping to improve the survival rate of bluebirds and swallows in Manitoba. They are doing so by providing nest boxes through the Brandon-based organization, Friends of the Bluebirds. One group, the Belles, Beaux & Builders 4-H Club from Neepawa, made a presentation at the Brandon Discovery Centre at the April meeting

A barn swallow with hungry babies.

Species at risk

Both the barn and bank swallows are on this list in Manitoba

If you live in rural Manitoba, you are probably familiar with the various types of swallows that spend their summers here: the dark-green and white tree swallow which nests in boxes or cavities; cliff swallows which nest in colonies under bridges or occasionally on barns; the smaller light- and dark-grey bank swallow which tunnels into

Canada Geese standing on ice-covered river.

Get ready for the returning birds

What a welcome sight and sound after such a long, cold winter

As winter is finally drawing to a close, many birders turn their thoughts to the return of our migrating birds. My husband and I have enjoyed feeding and watching the hardy species that stay here all year; we have been excited when a few that usually migrate have overwintered — such as the single junco