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Taking care of the winter birds

Taking care of the winter birds

Providing the right conditions will help to attract them to your yard

It has been a few years since my wife and I have stayed in Manitoba for the winter but this year we are staying home. One result of this decision is that we will be able to enjoy the birds that frequent the feeders in our front yard. Winter birds are a real treat to

A heated bird bath will provide a source of water all winter.

Winter weather doesn’t stop birders

This is one of the best times to watch for birds and the lack of foliage makes it easier to spot them

Winter’s arrival doesn’t put a stop to birding in Manitoba, as this can actually be one of the best times for birdwatching. The variety of birds is, of course, much less, but that makes it easier to identify them. Birds may also be easier to see against the snow than hidden in grass or foliage,

Great grey owl.

Get ready for the Christmas Bird Count

This annual event has become a holiday tradition for birders

It’s almost that time of year again — for religious observances, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers. But for birders, it’s also time for the annual Christmas bird counts, a tradition that has been carried out since the first one was held on Christmas Day in 1900. Prior to that, it had been a custom to

Lightweight netting over a window can help to reduce bird strikes.

Window collisions can be deadly for birds

Try some methods to help prevent this from happening

Thud! I hear a dreaded noise against my front window and know at once that a bird has flown into it. My large back window has a netting, summer and winter, to warn away birds, but up to now my front picture window has not been a problem. The only preventive methods used there are


Both types of shooters promote conservation

Whether they're shooting with a gun or camera, both types of shooters protect wildlife

What inspires people to support conservation? As concerns grow about the sustainability of our modern society, this question becomes more important. A new study by researchers at Cornell University provides one simple answer: birdwatching and hunting. This survey of conservation activity among rural landowners in Upstate New York considered a range of possible predictors such

barn swallows on a fence

Volunteer birdwatchers keep tabs on local species

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is a scientifically designed, five-year project to assess the status, distribution and abundance of bird species that breed within Manitoba

A five-year effort to identify breeding bird species in Manitoba has confirmed golden eagles are back, snowy egrets have made unexpected appearances, and several species of native grassland birds are all but gone from most of agro-Manitoba. “We’re certainly seeing things that are indications of change,” says Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas co-ordinator Christian Artuso, who

Purple finch at bird feeder.

This winter is NOT ‘for the birds’

Deep snow and cold temperatures are no doubt why there are fewer birds visiting backyard feeders

While you may think our harsh winter weather is “for the birds,” you might be wrong. People who regularly feed birds are experiencing a disappointing year. The number of birds visiting backyard feeders has dropped drastically. While the decline is most likely due to shortages of natural food, it is a safe bet that deep

Changing bird habits

As an avid birdwatcher, I am always interested to learn about the birds that other people see. In winter, besides checking my own birdfeeders, and keeping a lookout whenever I drive or walk somewhere, I frequently check a local website called “birding on the Net” that gives details of birds seen by others — and

Fall Bird-Feeding Tips

Red River Basin Commission Fall is a dynamic season of change and adaptation for birds, providing you the opportunity to attract migratory birds in addition to the permanent residents that visit your bird feeders year round. Food habits change as seasonal food supplies change. The high-protein insect diet characteristic of many birds in summer changes

Selectively Feeding The Birds

I am among the many Prairie folks who enjoy feeding winter birds, and it provides a bit of cabin fever relief during the long, cold months. A favourite is the chickadee. Even on the coldest of mornings chickadees faithfully arrive at the feeders, and their cheerful “Hi sweetie” calls brighten the day. One species that