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Observation towers near Oak Lake will track shorebirds living in and passing through the area.

New towers to track shorebirds

Southwestern Manitoba a key stopping point in birds' annual migration

New tracking towers in southwestern Manitoba aim to aid the tracking of shorebirds passing through the area, which is considered a Prairie hot spot for the creatures. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has installed three towers near Oak Lake, and another near Whitewater Lake. Antennae atop the towers collect signals from radio transmitters that

A heated bird bath will provide a source of water all winter.

Winter weather doesn’t stop birders

This is one of the best times to watch for birds and the lack of foliage makes it easier to spot them

Winter’s arrival doesn’t put a stop to birding in Manitoba, as this can actually be one of the best times for birdwatching. The variety of birds is, of course, much less, but that makes it easier to identify them. Birds may also be easier to see against the snow than hidden in grass or foliage,

This great horned owl was at the festival last year.

2018 declared the Year of the Bird

A good way to celebrate is by attending La Rivière’s Raptor Festival

This year has been declared the Year of the Bird. National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and over 100 other organizations have announced this as a way to mark the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This bird-protection law was passed 100 years ago, and the centennial is an occasion to recommit to

Suet will attract some types of birds like this pileated woodpecker.

Get ready for winter bird feeding

Different types of feeders and what you put in them will attract different species

It’s that time of year again — time to get out the bird feeders, mix up a batch of suet and seeds, and prepare to spend some time watching the hardy winter birds enjoying a feast in your backyard. We may not look forward to the cold weather and snow, but there are some perks

Biology professor, Christy Morrissey says a new facility to research bird health could pay human dividends.

Bird’s eye view of human health

A University of Saskatchewan facility will let researchers study bird health and the environment with possible human benefits

Just like the canary in the coal mine, wild birds can tell us a lot about our environment and how it could affect human health. University of Saskatchewan biology professor, Christy Morrissey says watching birds for problems could help locate issues that may affect human health, one of the driving forces behind a new research

A male goldfinch is a dull beige in winter but sheds these feathers 
for brighter-coloured ones.

Springtime means changes in bird behaviour

Watch for colour, diet and vocal changes in many varieties and the different ways they go about attracting a mate

With the end of winter, birders begin to clean out bird feeders and change the type of food, as spring species begin arriving. They may also be brushing out and closing up birdhouses for bluebirds, tree swallows and wrens, or putting up new ones. But it’s not just birders who prepare for spring. Birds, too,

A ruby-throated hummingbird is handled by a researcher prior to being released.

Older hummingbirds better prepared

Lengthy annual migration reveals profound differences between young birds and the more experienced ones

The small, but mighty ruby-throated hummingbird flies 2,000 km on its migratory journeys without a break, researchers report in the journal The Auk: Ornithological Advances. New research provides some of the first details of the hummingbird’s annual fall journey from the eastern United States to Central America. It shows that their fall migration peaks in

If you feed the birds why not record the visitors that you’re getting?

Time to count some birds

Annual event is this month and you could contribute some valuable information

Do you put out food for birds in winter? If so, why not take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), an annual four-day count held in February each year? This year it will take place February 12 to 15 (the Louis Riel holiday weekend). The Great Backyard Bird Count has been held throughout

bird house

Winter shelter for backyard birds

Roosting boxes help our feathered friends survive the harsh winter weather

With the arrival of colder weather, it’s time to start thinking of how to help those birds which overwinter here. Many of us put out food for them (sunflower seeds for chickadees and nuthatches, peanuts for blue jays, and niger seed for various finches), but shelter is another consideration. Freezing rain or deep snow, bitter

Where, oh where, has the roadkill gone?

Birds are demonstrating an ability to evolve shorter wingspans 
and learn how not to become a traffic fatality

Millions of birds die each year as they collide with moving vehicles, but things have been looking up, at least in the case of cliff swallows. Today’s swallows are hit less often, thanks to shorter wingspans that may help them take off more quickly and pivot away from passing cars. The findings, reported in the