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U-pick operations to open with safety precautions

U-pick operations to open with safety precautions

Online stores set up to assist sales of pre-picked berries

U-picks for strawberries, saskatoon berries and other fruits will open this June with safety measures in place, the Prairie Fruit Growers Association announced on May 20. PFGA, which represents 70 U-pick farms in Manitoba, has been working with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development fruit crops specialist, Anthony Mintenko, to develop COVID-19 guidelines. “Some of the

Yellow raspberries add unique colour and 
flavour to any recipe.

Raspberries don’t have to be red

Why not try a yellow/gold or purple/black variety?

Many rural gardens have raspberry patches and the first fruits are eagerly anticipated as midsummer approaches. There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh raspberries picked off your very own patch. Most grown in Prairie gardens are red varieties, with “Boyne” being one of the most popular. The berries are large, sweet, and produced

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a vinegar (fruit) fly of East Asian origin that can damage many crops by piercing healthy fruit and laying its eggs.

Spotted Wing Drosophila an unwelcome visitor to fruit farms this summer

MAFRD began monitoring for SWD in 2013 and this is the worst year yet, say provincial fruit crops specialist

Altona-area fruit grower Waldo Thiessen knew what was wrong immediately when his U-pick customers started calling back a few hours after their first day in his raspberry patch in mid-July. “They said they’d started to make jam, and, well, there was a lot of protein (in the raspberries),” he said. It was larvae of spotted

Chris Siow, a research scientist at the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine is studying the health benefits of lingonberries.

Wild or farmed? Lingonberries seek place in Manitoba agriculture

Tiny, tart and full of goodness, Manitoba’s wild lingonberries are even healthier than those grown in other areas

Today they belong to the category often labelled as “superfoods,” but Dave Buck has always known that lingonberries were good tasting and nutritious. “I grew up in the bush,” he said. “And I can remember when I was young, my parents would pick the berries, they’d juice them. We’d have juice at Christmas and then

Mila Maximets is the creator of Solberry, a sea buckthorn purée made in Manitoba.  Photo: Shannon VanRaes

Prairie fruit business needs more sea buckthorn growers

Manitoba maker of sea buckthorn products says a lack of berries has limited the growth of her business

Sea buckthorn is moving out of the hedgerows and into the mainstream, as new varieties and evolving technologies promise to make harvesting the nutrient-rich berry less labour intensive. “It’s been a very difficult industry to kind of get going, a lot of the cultivars that were first planted aren’t ideal for harvesting, in fact they’re

Manitoba Entrepreneur Says Sea Buckthorn Packs A Punch

Genghis Khan used it, and so did the cosmonauts, ancient Greeks, and modern Chinese Olympians. Now Mila Maximets wants Manitobans to get on board and start consuming sea buckthorn. The tart orange berry is more commonly associated with shelterbelts than health foods in this province, but it s the sole ingredient in Solberry, a new

Gene Codes Cracked For Strawberries And Chocolate

Teams of scientists have cracked the genetic codes of the wild strawberry and a certain type of cacao used to make fine chocolate, work that should help breeders develop better varieties of more mainstream crops. The wild strawberry is closely related to important food crops such as apples, peaches, pears and raspberries, as well as

Blue Moon Saskatoon Welcomes Guests

Leslie and Dale Luhowy had a special treat to serve some recent visitors – freshly baked saskatoon pie made with berries from their very own orchard. The family’s saskatoon operation was a definite draw for folks participating in the province’s first Open Farm Day Sept. 19. But while they were there, visitors also learned about

A Retirement Hobby Farm And More

Mand S Fruit is a new raspberry U-pick acreage in the Inglis, Manitoba area. After working in Inglis in various capacities for many years, Mervin and Sylvia Marzolf bought their house and acreage in 2006 – a retirement hobby farm. Mervin has always been interested in growing fruit trees, and the family orchard contains young

Haskap Plantings Double In 2009

Getting to know Blue Honeysuckle FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are all edible Blue Honeysuckle plants Haskap? No. Only selected cultivars released by the University of Saskatchewan are Haskap because the Japanese evaluators considered them to be of high enough quality for the Japanese market. There are many other varieties of Blue Honeysuckle on the market, but