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Janet Kroeker applies a wool batt to cotton encasement fabric as she works on product line for the family’s Rosa-area home-based business, Shepherd’s Dream.

Making their bed

A rural Manitoba family operates a leading company in the Canadian natural bedding industry from their home near the tiny village of Roseau River

Ssshhhh! People are sleeping, and very soundly, thanks to their wool mattresses and comforters. The products are handcrafted by a Roseau River-area family that’s been quietly in the bed-making business — more precisely the making of pure wool beds — since 2002. Janet and Tim Kroeker were inspired to start Shepherd’s Dream by Janet’s sister’s

Create cosy rooms in your house this winter

Create cosy rooms in your house this winter

Try a few decorating changes to help get you through those long, cold months

Winter will soon be upon us. Plan now for decorating changes that will get you through the cold months with warmth and comfort. A few updates are all you need to take you through the winter season. Warm fall colours and cosy textures are great additions to take you from summer to winter. This doesn’t

Create A Peaceful Getaway

The bedroom in the photo has it all. It s inviting, calm and restful but also has tons of character. Paint in hues of grey, beige and off-white neutrals balance the rich colours of the bedding and window treatments. The muted wall colour provides the perfect backdrop to the dark antique, stylized furniture, providing just


The harvest season s come and gone, dry grain is in the bin Grateful hearts acknowledge what a fine year this has been. Failure serves a purpose for we all remember when Grain fields, hay and gardens slumped last summer, twenty ten. Now there s ample feed for livestock bedding straw like strands of gold

Never Too Early To Think Gardening

Early-spring bedding plants can be successfully grown indoors by using artificial light sources. The initial decisions of choosing lights and temperature may appear complicated but don’t be discouraged. After selecting a few basic lights, the remaining steps develop into an enjoyable “learn-as-you-go” experience, similar to most garden ventures. Artificial lighting comes in a mixture of

Growing Perennials From Seed

As we begin to look forward to our outdoor gardens and what we are going to plant in them, we will no doubt be thinking about perennials. Most gardeners have perennial or mixed borders and during the last decade or so perennials have gained in popularity. This is no surprise as a vast number of

Good Bedding Improves Calf Survival Rates

This spring is certainly one to remember. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, calf death loss is just more than 11 per cent, almost quadruple the typical loss of three per cent for North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association members. This does not make anyone very happy. In fact, it stings harshly. However, challenges abound

Create An Atmoshere Of Simple Serenity

You don’t need a large area or expensive accessories in order to have a restful haven in your home. More than ever, we need our home to be a gracious, rejuvenating haven; our refuge from the noise and bustle of the outside world. Every room in the home should be somewhat calming, but of course,