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Proposed changes would give municipalities more say over development decisions.

Province proposes changes to approval process for livestock operations

Bill 19 is ‘a balanced approach’ that will reduce red tape for municipalities, 
says Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton

A bill introduced in the Manitoba legislature March 19 will make it easier for livestock producers to rebuild or renovate existing barns. Bill 19, The Planning Amendment Act (Improving Efficiency in Planning) proposes changes to how livestock operations are approved by municipalities, and other matters related to zoning bylaws and appeals. Under the bill, owners

Door opens to hog expansion

Door opens to hog expansion

Anaerobic digesters out, new barns in

New hog barns will be built Manitoba. After an all-night session at the Manitoba Legislature, Bill 24 has passed its final reading and received royal assent. Better known as the Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, Bill 24 covers legislation ranging from consumer protection and labour relations, to residential tenancies and transportation of dangerous

Infrared inspections look to curb barn fires

Farmers now have access to infrared inspections through the Manitoba Farm Safety Program

The barn fire that killed over 3,500 pigs near New Bothwell in June has led to a new program to prevent similar blazes. The Manitoba Farm Safety Program introduced infrared barn inspections Sept. 12. Inspectors use infrared cameras to map temperature and tag hot spots that might ignite, such as faulty wiring inside walls. Electrical

Cameron Dodds stands outside his 100-year-old barn south of Kenton, Man.

Dodds family marks centennial of unique barn, history of farm

It’s been 100 years since Arthur Drummond built a banked barn on his yard site northwest of Brandon. Now, the latest generation of the family, Cameron and Bea Dodds, are marking its centennial

History is far from buried on the Dodds farm near Kenton, Man. In fact, it’s a point of pride for current owners, Cameron and Bea Dodds. Their 117-year-old brick farmhouse sits nestled in between old-growth trees and long-established gardens, providing a backdrop for the memorial cairn beside the lane, added to commemorate the farm’s over-135-year

The Klippenstein house barn, brought here in 1876, is owned by the Neubergthal Heritage Foundation. NHF board members Shaun Friesen (l-r), Ray Hamm, Norma Giesbrecht and Karen Martens are excited about the potential to raise cash for its restoration through a national crowd sourcing platform.

Barn (fund) raising in the digital age

This Place Matters is an online crowdfunding initiative of the National Trust of Canada helping spread the word so all Canadians can help save places that matter to them

Neubergthal has always known this place matters, and now it’s telling all of Canada why, in a competition of the same name. The place is the Klippenstein house barn, one of two of the original buildings of this southern Manitoba village, and hauled here, timber by timber by Mennonite settlers in 1876 after being dismantled

HogWatch calls for safer barns

A watchdog group says a recent barn fire illustrates the need for safer barns. Approximately 3,500 hogs died June 8 when fire engulfed two barns last week near New Bothwell. Hespeler Hog Farms was also one of the operations affected by an outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) earlier this spring. HogWatch Manitoba says the

Farm building code streamlined

Farm building code streamlined

The provincial government says the move is part of its red tape reduction initiative

The Manitoba government has begun a new anti-red tape initiative by streamlining the provincial building code for farm structures. The Manitoba Farm Building Code will be repealed and dovetailed into the Manitoba Building Code, with specific provisions for farm buildings. It’s the first action in a government campaign to eliminate or simplify regulatory requirements that

Old is new in hog barn approvals

Old is new in hog barn approvals

Public opposition has not gone away after a decade of no development

The first application under a new protocol for approving hog barns in Manitoba has run into an old problem: local opposition. The Rural Municipality of Oakview council last month turned down an application for a 6,000-space feeder/finish operation near Rivers even though a technical review committee report said it met the necessary requirements. Council gave

General manager of Brandon’s Keystone Centre, Neil Thomson, says the proposed addition is a matter of when, not if.

Keystone Centre proposes barn addition

General manager of Brandon’s Keystone Centre says the facility is looking to acquire 
funding for addition of a multi-purpose field house and barn

Brandon’s Keystone Centre is ready to begin construction on a 130,000-square-foot addition as soon as it lines up enough funds. “Manitoba Ag Days basically takes every square inch of the building that we have now and it also has a waiting list of exhibitors. We would like to be able to accommodate that,” said Keystone

two women standing with decorative tractor quilt

Let’s cover rural Manitoba with ‘barn quilts,’ say Ag Museum staff

Inspired by other barn quilt trails of southern Ontario and Iowa, staff with the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin hung out their own barn quilt on Mother’s Day and are working with other communities to piece together a map of where more will eventually be found

Eunice and Doug Pratt were heading south through Iowa for a U.S. holiday when they spotted the first ‘barn quilt’ — a brilliant-coloured quilt block affixed to the front of a barn. But it wasn’t made with fabric. It was a large, colourful wooden eight-foot-square painted replica of a quilt block, and one of many