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Province announces rural internet deal with Xplornet

Province announces rural internet deal with Xplornet

Some rural residents less than pleased with the government’s choice of provider

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities has praised the Manitoba government’s deal with Xplornet Communications to improve rural internet and cellular coverage throughout the province. In a tweet May 13, the AMM thanked Central Services Minister Reg Helwer for signing a memo of understanding with the internet service provider. The province says the deal will bring

Manitoba’s new education tax system will be fairer, farm advocates say.

Education tax cut increases fairness, say KAP, AMM

The rollback has led to criticisms that it’s a tax cut for wealthy landowners at the expense of education funding, which could hurt rural communities

The Pallister government’s promised education property tax cuts are a step in the direction of fairness, but won’t be a huge windfall — at least not this year, said KAP president Bill Campbell. “Education funding needs to be equitable and equal for citizens of Manitoba and not necessarily based on some people’s assets. Not everybody’s

At left: Rosser residents (left to right) Florence McCoy, Brynn Kaplen and Val Gough were frustrated with the Municipal Board decision on Lilyfield Quarry. Top right: Rosser resident Dave Kaplen speaks on the second day of the hearing, in late July. Bottom right: Quarry site owner Colleen Munro speaks during the hearings in late July.

Quarry battle shows cracks in planning system

The Lilyfield Quarry decision was precedent setting in more ways than one

My key story of 2020 began with a small, embattled quarry project north of Winnipeg and ended up illustrating, in microcosm, what local governments might expect if proposed provincial law goes forward. Residents of the RM of Rosser contacted me about a quarry proposed to be built in their backyard. I met them in a house a few

AMM passes resolutions on municipal autonomy

AMM passes resolutions on municipal autonomy

Municipal leaders fear provincial Bill 37 will strip authority from local elected officials in favour of provincial tribunals

Manitoba’s municipalities are calling for the province to stop undermining their authority. Delegates passed two resolutions calling for changes to a provincial bill which they fear will reduce municipal governments’ power over their constituencies during the Association of Manitoba Municipalities virtual AGM on November 23. “(Bill 37) allows applicants to challenge the decisions… that duly elected municipal councils make in

Cheryl Christian is mayor of the RM of West St. Paul and an early proponent of the code of conduct.

Anti-bullying law for municipal councils takes effect

The new rules lay out badly needed protections against workplace harassment, says one municipal mayor

New regulations to combat bullying within municipal governments have exceeded her expectations, says one of the original lobbyers for the law. “We raised so many concerns with the government to ask for protection, and it did,” said Cheryl Christian, mayor of the RM of West St. Paul. “It doesn’t mean that there’s not going to

Pasture forage for beef production requires better insurance options, the Manitoba Beef Producers says.

Waiting on word for forage insurance

Manitoba Beef Producers has highlighted forage insurance issues it would like to see addressed

Producers are waiting for details of the province’s promised forage insurance review. The province announced the review last year as producers came off another disappointing grazing season and were facing the prospect of feed shortages and high feed prices. Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen says he wants to get to the bottom of

Denys Volkov.

Volkov takes the reins at AMM

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities has a new executive director as the new year begins, the organization said in a news release January 2. Denys Volkov replaces retiring director Joe Masi. Volkov, who joined AMM in 2011, has “extensive knowledge of municipal Manitoba,” the news release said, citing 14 years of professional experience in the

VIDEO: Author examines rural communities’ key to survival

VIDEO: Author examines rural communities’ key to survival

Doug Griffiths tackles 13 ways communities might accidentally be setting themselves up for failure when it comes to economic development

Doug Griffiths, along with Kelly Clemmer, is one of the author’s of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community and one of the most recent speakers at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual convention Nov. 25-27. Griffiths spoke on 13 ways in which he says communities might block their economic development, including encouraging residents to shop

Fred Tait argues for MBP to take action towards written permission for hunters during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting Feb. 7 in Brandon.

Hunting permission slips pitched

Producers say they’re sick of dealing with trespassers during hunting season and hope written permission rules might help them cope

Hunters would need written permission before their next trip onto private agricultural land, if the Manitoba Beef Producers gets its way. MBP will be lobbying to extend signed landowner access rules for hunters and require written permission from landowners. The province currently requires hunters to get permission before hunting or retrieving game animals, regardless of

“The big thing that’s making us grow is you (farmers)... because you’re investing in a family business and community.” – Brian Pallister

Pallister, Eichler venerate ag in Manitoba’s economy

The premier and agriculture minister spoke at Ag Days in Brandon

Everybody likes a pat on the back and Premier Brian Pallister and his agriculture minister, Ralph Eichler, gave Manitoba farmers one when they spoke here at Ag Days Jan. 22. Agriculture, they said, is a major driver of Manitoba’s economy. “I am proud to tell you that 72 per cent of the private sector capital