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Arthritis comes on with age, but longevity can often be increased with proper diet and keeping cows in a good body condition.

Lameness can have many causes

Beef 911: In some cases, knowing the cause and adjusting your management can prevent problems

This article will outline some of the more common arthritic conditions and touch on some preventive measures. A lot of these conditions of course are brought on by age. In order to get more longevity out of our cows, we need to look at lameness as it is one of the common reasons for culling.

Many equine athletes have their careers cut short because of arthritis.

The most common cause of lameness in horses

There are many things horse owners and riders can do to prevent the onset of arthritis

Recent estimates show that approximately 60 per cent of lameness problems in horses are related to arthritis. As a result the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis in horses has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Since arthritis is rarely curable and at best manageable, it is worthwhile to consider the contributing factors that place horses at risk


Pig parasites could be beneficial to humans

The pig whipworm could hold the key to new medical treatments

New treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and autism could be on the horizon, after a global University of Melbourne — lead study successfully mapped the genes of a parasitic worm in pigs. “We know that humans infected with the harmless, ‘pig whipworm’ can have significantly reduced symptoms linked to autoimmune