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Infrared inspections look to curb barn fires

Farmers now have access to infrared inspections through the Manitoba Farm Safety Program

The barn fire that killed over 3,500 pigs near New Bothwell in June has led to a new program to prevent similar blazes. The Manitoba Farm Safety Program introduced infrared barn inspections Sept. 12. Inspectors use infrared cameras to map temperature and tag hot spots that might ignite, such as faulty wiring inside walls. Electrical

Young drivers need more instruction on country roads

Manitoba Women’s Institute says beginning drivers should be given hands-on practice on unpaved roads

Do young drivers get enough instruction on how to safely drive country roads? The Manitoba Women’s Institute doesn’t think so, and wants hands-on practice on unpaved surfaces to be part of drivers’ education. Beginning drivers should be required to spend a specified amount of time driving on gravel and other unpaved surfaces, said Justina Hop,

Research the market before you build, says greenhouse specialist

Most Manitoba greenhouses produce bedding plants, but they often 
face tough competition from big-box retailers, says Brian Hunt

Marketing — not production — should be the first consideration of anyone thinking of getting into the greenhouse business. “Rule No. 1 is identify your customer, and how you will access your customers,” said Brian Hunt, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives’ greenhouse and alternative crops specialist. The number of greenhouses in Manitoba is increasing,

Be prepared for overnight guests

Having a lovely guest bedroom prepared says a lot about you and your home. It speaks to your willingness and readiness to welcome and pamper overnight guests. Whether it’s for a far-off relative for a long-overdue visit or a grandchild for the weekend, a beautiful guest room is a wonderful idea that will compliment you

New association formed to regulate tile drainage installers

Post-2011 flood rush to install tile drains led to many costly
mistakes, says vice-president of the newly formed Manitoba 
Agricultural Water Management Association

A boom in tile drainage resulted in slipshod work and prompted the creation of an association dedicated to ensuring such work is done by reputable operators who know what they are doing. “The association along with Water Stewardship is working towards a fair way to ensure that tile installers are both properly trained and certified,”

Agrium blasts hedge fund’s breakup plans

Reuters / The war of words between fertilizer maker Agrium Inc. and its biggest shareholder, Jana Partners, escalated March 4 with Agrium slamming the hedge fund’s plan to split the company in a letter to investors ahead of its annual meeting next month. Calgary, Alberta-based Agrium, which has begun mailing its proxy circular to shareholders

Alberta rancher debuts Power Grazer

Want to try managed grazing techniques to boost grass productivity, but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money driving posts and stringing wires? Norm Ward, a custom grazer and inventor from Granum, Alta., has come up with a self-contained portable electric fencing system that makes dividing up quarter section-sized pastures fast and

Soil moisture looks good: Survey

Newly released results of Manitoba Agriculture’s fall soil moisture survey are good news for Manitoba farmers worried last year’s dry summer could turn into a drought. The soil moisture situation in many parts of Manitoba is normal, and even better than it was last spring, say Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives’ staff. “It’s not

Quilting for the bathroom

I had a black mat set for the bathroom and didn’t like the toilet seat cover so that got me thinking. I could use the black and also bring up the colour of the walls and towels. I used a paper-piecing pattern for the feature pattern (any could be used such as flowers, boats etc.),

Planning a winter getaway?

Some people who have extensive indoor plant collections like to take holidays in the sun during our long, cold winters. Leaving houseplants unattended for any length of time can be risky; I have sometimes returned from a winter holiday to find a few dead plants and others a little worse for wear after a lengthy