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Aquaculture could be big market for camelina

Fish-farming companies are looking 
for a crop-based alternative to fish meal 
from wild stocks

A recent discovery in the aquaculture industry may soon make camelina oil a highly sought alternative for fish feed. Currently half of the world’s seafood supply comes from farmed fish, but fish meal from wild stock is still part of the ration, putting a strain on the population. “The proportion of wild fish that is

Rudy and Leslie Reimer inside a hog barn converted to raise trout.

High hopes for a new type of Prairie inland fisheries

Consumers are looking for sustainably raised seafood, putting the Prairie 
provinces in a position to capitalize on cheaper land and pristine water

At times, Rudy and Leslie Reimer have felt like they’ve been swimming against the current. But surveying the tanks at Watersong Farm’s newly built trout observation room, Rudy Reimer said that the five years they’ve spent developing and redeveloping their self-contained fish farm have been worth it. “There is a lot of potential here —

Insect farms: Investors see big profits in thinking small

Flies fed garbage become an environmentally friendly source of protein

When it comes to resolving a big global food problem, a new breed of farmers and their financial backers are thinking small. Work on the world’s largest fly farm has begun in South Africa after the European firm behind the project won much-needed funding from investors, propelling the use of insects as livestock feed beyond

Researcher tests new way to grow plants and fish at home

Got a hankering to go farming in your basement? Odd as that sounds, it may actually be possible thanks to aquaponics — a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics — and new-generation LED lighting. The potential has Nick Savidov excited. “Integrated farming is becoming a reality,” said the senior research scientist with Alberta Agriculture at Edmonton’s

Fish Farms To Double Southeast Asia Soy Demand

Soybean imports to Southeast Asia could double over the next 10 years, buoyed by demand from fish farms looking to feed China, the U.S. Soybean Export Council said Sept. 19. China, with the world s largest population, was the largest consumer of seafood last year, after Japan, a research report said. China consumed about 694

Model Fish Farm Now Operating

The first Canadian model aqua-farm demonstrating the viability of indoor fish rearing on the Prairies is now producing fish. But will it produce profits? “There’s still a lot of things to be worked out yet,” said Rudy Reimer following a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house June 27 on his Warren-area farm where visitors heard more

Testing The Waters

Can we fish in your barn? Do you feed your fish worms? A lot of people are curious about the silvery trout now swimming in a Warren-area barn that once raised chickens. Owners Leslie and Rudy Reimer are happy to talk about what they’re doing. Fishing for answers on how to raise fish indoors is

U. S. Panel To Consider Pros, Cons Of GMO Salmon – for Sep. 23, 2010

The first genetically modified animal could move one step closer to the U. S. market this month, when a federal advisory panel makes its recommendation on whether such food– a salmon – is safe for consumers to eat. Both Food and Drug Administration staff and the salmon’s maker, Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc., have said the

MRTFA Makes Fingerlings Available

Do you have a dugout, pond, slough or lake on your property? Would you like to have some fishing fun and perhaps save a little money on your grocery bill? For a mere 35 cents per fish, you can purchase baby rainbow trout and “plant” them in a suitable location for your own fishing and

Fish Farm In Early Construction Stages

“The cornerstone of this program is research, to measure inputs and outputs.” – GRANT VANDENBERG, PRESIDENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE FRESHWATER AQUACULTURE DEVELOPMENT (IPSFAD) AWarren farm couple is excited about operating a new model fish farm on their property, despite delays that have set the federal and provincially funded project back months. “It’s