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Forecast: Mild and dry weather returns

Issued September 25, 2017: Covering the period from September 27 to October 4

Over the last week or so we saw our first period of unsettled wet weather in a long time. The forecasted system brought some late-season thunderstorms to several regions late last Friday. We then saw another area of light rainfall move through on Sunday. This second system was forecast to stay well to our south,

Forecast: Warm weather to build back in

Issued August 14, 2017: Covering the period from August 16 to August 23

Even though I had to create the forecast early last week I was still able to pull off a reasonably accurate one. I would love to take full credit for that, but sometimes you just get lucky. After all, I am just reading weather models and trying to pick which models are doing the best

Forecast: Slow warming trend expected

Issued August 4, 2017: Covering the period from August 9 to August 18

Last week’s forecast quickly fell apart, at least from the point of view of temperature, as the upper low that brought some much-needed rain to western regions also altered the upper-level flow. The upper low combined with the building ridge of high pressure over extreme western North America shifted our flow from west-northwesterly to more

The old weather pattern returns

Issued: Monday, June 29, 2015 – Covering: July 2 – July 8, 2015

Our overall weather pattern seems to have slipped back into the same general pattern that prevailed for much of the winter and spring. That pattern had a persistent ridge of high pressure over western North America and a trough of low pressure over eastern regions. We were stuck between these two main features and our

Weather forecast predicts an unsettled pattern developing

Issued: Monday, May 11, 2015 – Covering: May 13 – May 20, 2015

Late last week and into the weekend we experienced a classic example of a small change in a weather system that ended up having a big impact on the weather. A large area of low pressure moved up and passed through our region late last week as forecast, but the system ended up being a

This map shows the total precipitation across the Prairies so far this growing season compared to the long-term average. Most of the Prairies have seen average to well-above-average amounts, with the wettest areas located in a northwest swath from Brandon to just west of Saskatoon.

Unsettled weekend but heat building in next week

Issued: Monday, July 21, 2014 · Covering: July 23 – July 30, 2014

The first half of last week’s forecast was pretty much spot on, as the forecasted trough of low pressure moved through our region last weekend bringing with it a mix of sun, clouds, warm temperatures and a few showers and thundershowers. For the first part of this forecast period high pressure looks to dominate, bringing

Southern ridge pattern developing

Weekly weather forecast for July 15, 2013

The only thing that prevented us from climbing into the low 30s last week was the extra cloud sticking around, along with the fairly high humidities. For this forecast period it looks like summer wants to stick around. The ridge of high pressure that has been periodically building and weakening over the western U.S. is

Some signs of warm weather

It looks like we’ll have to endure another week or so of cold weather before the weather models finally agree that warm weather will try to move in. After southern regions were brushed by a major late-winter storm on Monday we are left in a cold northwesterly flow for most of this week. Temperatures will

Warmer weather on the horizon?

If you’re hoping for a warm spring-like forecast, then you better stop reading right here. The area of low pressure that looked to bring some stormy weather around Wednesday of this week came in off the Pacific as predicted, but took a much more northerly route. This prevented the system from tapping into a lot

Winter’s still hanging on

The storm forecast at the start of this week materialized and brought more heavy snow to pretty much all of southern and central Manitoba. Behind this system, cold, quiet weather has moved in, allowing winter to stick around a little longer. Just how long is what we’ll try to figure out in this forecast. By