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One Alberta PED case deemed ‘false positive’

The third of four reported on-farm outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhea in Alberta so far this year can now be marked as a negative. The provincial government and hog producer agency Alberta Pork on Monday announced the first of two cases reported Friday was in fact a “false positive.” Specifically, Alberta Pork said Monday, the

PEDv arrives in Alberta hogs

Veterinary officials in Alberta are now investigating the province’s first-ever outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in hogs. Alberta Pork, the province’s hog producer commission, and the provincial government on Tuesday announced an outbreak of the viral disease at what was described as a “400-head hog operation.” Javier Bahamon, quality assurance and production manager for

Pork pain management rules begin July 1

All castration and tail docking will require pain management, a change the industry says it’s ready for

Another component of the updated Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs is about to come into effect, with the deadline to begin use of anesthetic and analgesics when castrating or docking tails set for July 1. While nearly all hog farmers are prepared for the new pain control requirements, a recent

Pig producers warned to be on the lookout for virus

Seneca Valley virus is a concern because its symptoms are the same as those for foot-and-mouth

Pork industry leaders are warning producers to be on the lookout for a new virus that has been showing up in hogs in the midwestern U.S. and Canada in recent months. Producers are advised to contact their veterinarians immediately and not move hogs if they detect blisters around their mouth, hoof, or nose. Seneca Valley

Montana hog plant envisioned near border

Montana pork producers are taking a wait-and-see approach in regard to a new pork-processing plant at Shelby that could draw large numbers of Canadian hogs. Governor Brian Schweitzer announced in February that Chinese investors were interested in developing a facility capable of processing 800,000 pigs. But additional details are scarce. “At this point there’s no

Pork Producers Re-Enter Survival Mode

Bernie Peet is president of Pork Chain Consulting Ltd. of Lacombe, Alberta, and editor of Western Hog Journal. His columns will run every second week in the Manitoba Co-operator. Following several months of small to moderate profits over the summer, a dramatic fall in hog prices and soaring feed costs have once again put Canada’s

Alberta Checkoff Change Offends Groups

“The cow-calf producer wants to sell high, which I totally respect, but my job is to buy as low as I can. How can one entity represent both interests?” – RICK PASKAL Alberta Beef Producers as well as pork, lamb and potato groups in that province aren’t happy with their government’s plan to make commodity