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Editor’s Take: Passing the buck

At some point or other, most of us have received a non-vitation. That’s the ‘invitation’ to an event designed to assuage the guilt of the host while making it crystal clear at the same time we’d actually be as welcome as a red-headed stepchild. ‘Oh, hey Charlie. Yeah, that’s right, I’m having a little get-together

Cattle producers are now eligible for funding to cover extra expenses related to the COVID pandemic.

Finished cattle slated for up to $2.5M in AgriRecovery

Finisher operations that took the brunt of the market hit earlier this year can apply for AgriRecovery aid until Dec. 1

Two of Manitoba’s largest producer groups say they’re perplexed why the provincial government is blaming them for their lack of participation in a recently announced AgriRecovery program. The 2020 Canada-Manitoba Finished Cattle Feed Assistance Program will spend up to $2.5 million federally funded dollars through provincial administration. That’s a departure from past AgriRecovery efforts, which

Cattle producers get COVID set-aside program

The federal government is going it alone on funding the $2.5-million program in Manitoba

Manitoba cattle producers are getting a support program to help offset the impact of COVID on their sector. The 2020 Manitoba Finished Cattle Feed Assistance Program will provide “… up to $2.5 million…” in direct support, a news release from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada stated. For finished cattle payments of $1.20 per day per animal will “… help offset costs to

Manitoba cattle sector gets COVID-19 AgriRecovery

Program to help offset costs from 'extraordinary feed period'

Manitoba cattle producers whose usual markets for finished cattle were temporarily out of reach this spring and summer may now be able to offset some of the resulting extra feed bills. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and her Manitoba counterpart, Blaine Pedersen, on Thursday announced the 2020 Canada-Manitoba Finished Cattle Feed Assistance Program, an AgriRecovery

Canadian potato growers could soon benefit from the AgriRecovery program, and a surplus food-buying program for food banks.

Details on food buyback coming soon

Market disruptions are widespread, the federal agriculture minister says

The Canadian government is close to announcing more details on its program to buy surplus food, such as potatoes, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told reporters during a video conference on June 9. “It’s a matter of days before we inform everyone of the criteria of the programs but we have already started to work with the different industries that have services that

Editor’s Take: Where’s the beef?

When did Manitoba become a laggard? There was a time when the Keystone province embraced bold visions, naysayers be damned. Duff Roblin’s response to the 1950 flood is an excellent example of this lost glory. Roblin, a Progressive Conservative, assumed the role of premier in the late spring of 1958, and before long he was

All three Prairie provinces have now said they will be drawing on AgriRecovery.

Manitoba to join in on AgriRecovery program

Manitoba will join the other Prairie provinces requesting AgriRecovery funds for a beef set aside program

Manitoba will be opting into AgriRecovery to help offset the financial hit from COVID-19. Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen confirmed May 29 that Manitoba has signed on for beef set aside funds, offered through AgriRecovery. “Manitoba is working with the federal government,” he said. “We are trying to get approval for a funding

According to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, AgriStability does not work for its members.

Set-aside funds snapped up

Cattle and pork producers tell MPs $100 million for program is not enough

A federal committee was told the $50 million made available by Ottawa for a set-aside program in the beef industry has already been spent, according to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced up to $50 million in AgriRecovery funding was being earmarked to fund a COVID-19 set-aside program for cattle producers,

Beef producers say they’ll be at a disadvantage to their counterparts in other provinces if Manitoba doesn’t fund AgriRecovery as those governments have.

Radio silence from Manitoba government on agriculture relief

As of May 22, producers were still waiting to hear if Manitoba will join the other Prairie provinces chipping into AgriRecovery

Manitoba farmers have yet to hear if the province will be throwing its weight behind the AgriRecovery aid promised by the federal government earlier this month. Why it matters: Saskatchewan and Alberta have committed provincial funds to AgriRecovery, following the federal promise of $125 million earlier this month, but Manitoba has yet to say whether it will be

Saskatchewan to adjust WLPIP premiums for producers

Province also opts in to fund AgriRecovery set-aside plan

The Saskatchewan government plans to temporarily subsidize livestock producers entering the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP) against its recent jump in program premium costs. The province on Thursday announced it will provide $5 million to “partially offset” WLPIP premiums, which it noted have risen “significantly” since the end of February this year on COVID-19-induced