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It’s not true to say that AgriStability is fundamentally broken, says Keystone Agricultural Producers.

Letters: BRM not ‘fundamentally broken’

In a November 5 Manitoba Co-operator article on AgriStability reform, we read some frustration into Minister Pedersen’s comment, “And what we keep asking KAP to do is to look at the long term on this.” KAP is intently focused on the long term. That is why our vision statement is “A sustainable and profitable future

The U.S. was already dramatically outspending Canada with its latest Farm Bill. But now it’s thrown repeated ad hoc programs at the sector under the guise of offsetting the effects of a trade war and the coronavirus.

Editor’s Take: The new normal of subsidies

Many would say Canada’s suite of agricultural business risk management programs is falling short of blunting the whipsaw of the markets. Now, it faces being further overwhelmed by non-market forces. That was the gist of a recent policy note issued by the Agri-Food Economic Systems think tank, authored by respected agricultural economists Al Mussell and

Some of the priorities the federal government stated to support agriculture in Canada are science, research and innovation.

Farm support programs undergo changes

But some farm leaders say more is needed

Growing Forward 2 will transform into the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) next year with some changes to the existing Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, the federal and provincial agriculture ministers agreed at their annual summer meeting July 19-21. The ministers also agreed to calls from farm groups for a full review of the BRM programs