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Farm subsidies still get top share of EU austerity budget

France and other major farming nations thwarted 
attempts to shift farm spending to growth and jobs

Farm subsidies will continue to gobble up the biggest share of the European Union’s budget to 2020, despite a 13 per cent drop in future agricultural spending, under a deal struck by EU leaders Feb. 8. Agriculture’s budget supremacy was secured after France and other major farming nations thwarted attempts by Britain and its northern

EU farm subsidy reforms cut payments to the wealthiest farms

Europe’s wealthiest landowners, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Spain’s Duchess of Alba, will see deep cuts to their future farm subsidies under proposals from members of the European Parliament Jan. 23. Annual payments to the top recipients of agricultural subsidies should be capped at 300,000 euros from 2014, the European Parliament’s influential agriculture committee said.

U.S. fiscal plan averts steep rise in milk prices

Adeal approved by the U.S. Congress late New Year’s Day to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts known as the “fiscal cliff” also includes measures to avert the “dairy cliff” — a steep increase in milk prices. The tax agreement contains a nine-month fix for expiring farm subsidy programs by extending a 2008

U.S. crop insurance a post-election target

The federal government will likely shell out $15 billion or more for its share of crop losses caused by drought

Reuters – Federally subsidized crop insurance will be a big target for U.S. lawmakers looking to cut the budget deficit in the lame-duck session of Congress that opened recently after a status quo general election. But lawmakers aren’t expected to break their deadlock over enacting a five-year, $500-billion Farm Bill covering a wide range of

EU looking to put the brakes on subsidy gravy train

British farmers will receive smaller subsidies in coming years, U.K. Farming Minister Jim Paice said, adding he favoured its eventual abolition as global food prices rise. “The single farm payment is going to go down,” said Paice, referring to the expected outcome of negotiations about the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy after 2013. Senior EU officials

U.S. Senate Votes End Farm Subsidies To People Earning $1 Million

WAS HINGTON / REUTERS / The U.S. Senate has passed a bill to bar farm subsidies to wealthy Americans. The provision in a funding bill would halt subsidies to people with more than $1 million a year in adjusted gross income. It must be reconciled with House legislation, which has no limit, before becoming law.

New Award For Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has opened nominations for its new Dairy Farm Sustainability Award. This new award aims to recognize actions taken by dairy farmers across Canada who produce milk in a sustainable way. The award for Canadian Dairy Farm Sustainability will recognize Canadian dairy farmers who have adopted practices that are environmentally sustainable,

EU Reform Plans Target Greener, Fairer Farm Subsidies

European Union officials want to make farm subsidies fairer and more environmentally friendly, in a bid to win support for keeping annual agricultural spending at about 55 billion euros (US$75 billion) up to 2020. Critics of the bloc s common agricultural policy (CAP) had urged the European Commission to take advantage of high global food

EU Reforms Needed To Keep Young Farmers On The Land

Tracts of countryside in Spain are likely to turn into desert or waste dumps unless the European Union provides enough support to young farmers to stop them from leaving the land for the city. Measures to support young farmers will be part of draft proposals due on Oct. 12 for overhauling the bloc s controversial

Reformers Left Isolated In EU Farm Policy Debate

European Union governments calling for far-reaching reform of the bloc’s farm policy from 2014 were left isolated earlier this month after 20 EU countries signed a joint declaration opposing radical change. The declaration by EU farm ministers was the last chance for governments to spell out their priorities for the reform of the common agricultural