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Opinion: Emergency payments: Déjà vu all over again

The Trump administration’s US$12 billion in “trade-dispute-related” emergency payments were a surprise. The current set of emergency payments was put into effect by administrative action while the earlier set of emergency payments were voted on by Congress and signed into law by the administration. Though there is a 17-year gap between the earlier emergency payments

Opinion: Not sufficient for gains to outweigh losses in trade

One of the surprise issues of the 2016 U.S. election was trade policy. For decades Republicans and some Democrats have supported a succession of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements including the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement which includes the U.S. and 11 other Pacific Rim nations. Opposition to these agreements traditionally was concentrated among Democrats

Export-oriented farmers need to boost lobby effort

Dairy farmers have done a great job influencing politicians, says a former Canadian ag trade negotiator

Export-oriented farmers should emulate dairy farmers if they want to get their policies implemented, says Mike Gifford, Canada’s former chief agricultural trade negotiator. “If you want to influence politicians you basically have to spend money to lobby,” Gifford said during the Fields on Wheels conference Dec. 15 in Winnipeg. “That’s where the supply management sector,

Canola Growers calls for co-ordinated food policy

The national rethink of food policy is a perfect opportunity to get rid of a conflicting regulatory and promotional mishmash

The federal government needs to get its house in order if it wants an effective national food policy. In particular it needs to provide more co-ordinated policies for farmers, according to Jack Froese, president of the Canadian Canola Growers Association, speaking recently to the Commons agriculture committee in Ottawa. The problem isn’t a lack of

Some of the priorities the federal government stated to support agriculture in Canada are science, research and innovation.

Farm support programs undergo changes

But some farm leaders say more is needed

Growing Forward 2 will transform into the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) next year with some changes to the existing Business Risk Management (BRM) programs, the federal and provincial agriculture ministers agreed at their annual summer meeting July 19-21. The ministers also agreed to calls from farm groups for a full review of the BRM programs

Editorial: Food for thought

The federal government has suddenly taken an interest in food. It is about much more than growing agriculture and food exports, although that’s certainly one of the stated goals. It is beginning discussions toward a national food policy for the country. As Glacier FarmMedia staff writer John Greig outlined in a recent article (“Farm and

Groups across Canada’s agriculture and food sectors feel the time is right for a national food policy.

Farm and food talks bring new voices to the policy table

The national food policy development process will pull many out of their comfort zone

The meeting the Canadian Federation of Agriculture hosted in Ottawa June 5 wasn’t the usual assembly of farmers. Participants included a broad spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in food, including Food Secure Canada, the Nutrition Resource Centre of the Ontario Public Health Association, the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security and the

Consultations begin toward national food policy

Online survey and Ottawa summit will capture Canadians’ ideas about access to food and sustainable food systems

Canadians now have their chance to weigh in on what they think is essential for a nationwide food policy. Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay announced late last month that national consultations toward developing the complex policy initiative will take place this spring and early summer. The consultations, which include an online survey, will invite Canadians

Food strategy consultations announced

The federal government is seeking input 
to formulate a first-of-its-kind national 
food policy

The federal government is launching consultations aimed at developing a national food policy for Canada. Lawrence McAulay, the federal agriculture minister, announced the move early this week which includes an online survey at The government says the food policy will cover four key areas: Increasing access to affordable food; Improving health and food safety;