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Deaths, Injuries Among U.S. Grain Workers Hit Record

Accidents in grain silos, storage bins and other facilities killed and injured a record number of workers through October this year, a study by Purdue University showed. The October study showed 46 deaths and injuries so far in 2010, exceeding the previous record of 42 documented cases in 1993 from 16 U.S. states. Of the

Farm King Carries Westeel Grains Into U. S. Market

Buhler Industries Inc. has announced that Farm King will be the exclusive distributor of Westeel-built on-farm storage products in the United States. Buhler Industries will market Westeel-built grain bins and grain bin accessories under the Farm King brand, as well as all Westeel-branded product sold in the United States. This is the second phase of

Canada Livestock Exports To U. S. Continue Fall

Canada’s livestock exports to the United States continue to fall, even after last year’s free fall caused by the U. S. country-of-origin meat labelling law. Cattle exports to the United States fell 23.1 per cent in the first 30 days of 2010 to 71,277 head, compared with January 2009, according to the Canadian Agriculture Department.

Grain Bags Need Further Study

Grain bags, also known as silo bags or grain sausages, may seem like a quick-and-easy solution to the problem of where to put that bin buster of a crop. But a University of Manitoba grain storage researcher had some cautionary words about a product that has seen precious little study when he spoke to farmers

Do Not Enter

TECHNICAL ADVICE FOR SAFE WORK AROUND GRAIN BINS Do not enter the bin from the top or attempt to walk onto the grain. Use a long pole or other tool to attempt to poke at the surface to break through the crust from outside the bin. If you cannot break through the crust and must