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New Life For Old Soldiers’ Club

They stood deep in thought at the 11th hour. Jim Fargey thought of May 30, 1944 in Italy when his Sherman tank and its five-man crew were hit by enemy fire. Only he and another man got out alive. Rod McPherson thought of his brother who spent three years and eight months in a Hong

Remembrance Day has new poignancy

We have honoured the dead of two world wars and several other conflicts on November 11 for many years now. It has always been a solemn and important occasion to offer thanks to the many soldiers who gave their lives to defeat evil forces and preserve peace and freedom for the world. As the years

Thoughts on Remembrance Day – for Nov. 6, 2008

Wars are raging in the world. Even during Bible times many wars were fought. November 11 is a day filled with special memories for me. I can still see the tanks rolling into the little town where we stayed, escaping the hunger in the big city. The Canadian soldiers came and set us free from