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A group of wild boars running in Europe, where the pigs have caused challenges with disease spread. (iStock/Getty Images)

Ontario moves to phase out wild boar farming

Province, feds fund swine fever defense plans

Hoping to improve its odds against African swine fever ever getting a toehold in Canada’s hog herds, Ontario plans to regulate Eurasian wild boar as an invasive species starting in the new year. To that end, the province is making funding available to farmers who actively breed and raise wild boar to “shift to other

Higher pork production this year versus last year has eased China’s imports of its staple protein.

Comment: China lightens interest in pork imports but loads up on beef

Falling pork prices in China have quelled demand for imports

Reuters – U.S. pork trade with China made a big breakthrough two years ago as the Chinese hog herd was thinned by disease and political relations began to mend, though U.S. exports to the top pork consumer have not performed as well this year relative to those from other suppliers. China’s pork production is expected

Germany plans wild boar-free zone

Germany plans a wild boar-free zone along the Polish border to counter African swine fever (ASF) and has called on Poland to help more in countering the pig disease. Wild boar wandering into Germany from Poland spread ASF, which is harmless to humans but fatal for pigs and causes major loss of pork exports for

File photo of hogs on a farm in the Dominican Republic. (RD-SunPhotography/iStock/Getty Images)

U.S. puts up funds to prevent African swine fever

Haiti, Dominican Republic now 'countries of concern' on CFIA list

Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday pledged up to US$500 million to prevent the spread of the fatal pig virus African swine fever, after Haiti and the Dominican Republic recently confirmed outbreaks. A U.S. outbreak would likely slash U.S. pork exports and pig prices, hurting farmers and meat companies such

Philippines says swine fever cases waning

The Philippines’ Agriculture Ministry said August 19 active cases of African swine fever were declining and confined to less than one per cent of the nearly 3,000 villages that recorded outbreaks since the first cases were detected in 2019. The fall in infections and an ongoing government-funded hog repopulation program had put the Southeast Asian

File photo of hogs in an outdoor pen on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. (EAGiven/iStock/Getty Images)

U.S. seeks to protect pork exports if swine fever hits territories

Policy would distinguish Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands from mainland

Chicago | Reuters — The United States said on Thursday it is seeking to avoid disruptions to pork exports if the territories of Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands detect the fatal pig disease African swine fever. The risk for infections in the territories is higher after the Dominican Republic last month confirmed the

“From a zoning perspective, we’ve been doing a lot of preparation. We’ve been doing a lot of practising here in Canada.” – Egan Brockhoff, Canadian Pork Council.

Hog sector tightens shield wall against ASF

Confirmed cases in the Dominican Republic have given new urgency to ASF prevention measures

Canada’s pork industry and border authorities are double and triple checking their vigilance after African swine fever (ASF) officially broached the Western Hemisphere for the first time in four decades. In late July, the Dominican Republic confirmed ASF on backyard pig operations in two provinces. The Caribbean country announced that efforts were underway to isolate

China’s pork sector continues to grapple with new ASF outbreaks.

African swine fever and China — it’s complicated

Even as the nation’s pork herd rebuilds, new outbreaks are happening and new variants are emerging

China’s efforts to control African swine fever outbreaks among its pig herd remained complicated, with 11 outbreaks officially reported so far this year and new variants of the virus also present, an agriculture ministry official said recently. Beijing has been rebuilding its pig herd after the virus, first detected in China in 2018, slashed pig