VIDEO: Touring the ebbs and flows on the Manitoba Escarpment, Part One

Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association studying effects of soil erosion, flooding

The Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association is known for its innovative conservation work on the Manitoba Escarpment’s south Tobacco Creek watershed, a little over 110 km southwest of Winnipeg.

Provided with funding from all levels of government and farmer-land owners, the association has built small dams to slow runoff and reduce soil erosion and downstream flooding in an effort to study ways to keep nutrients on the land, out of the creek, and ultimately out of Lake Winnipeg.

A group of reporters from the Manitoba Co-operator and Alberta Farmer Express toured some of the area on July 15, 2014. Part one of two videos can be viewed below.

To learn more about the Deerwood Soil and Water Management Association, visit

(Video editing by Greg Berg)

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