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Group 1 resistance varies in wild oats

A Group 1 herbicide that Syngenta Crop Protection introduced as a tool against Group 1-resistant wild oats hasn’t outlived its usefulness, the company says.

The company said Nov. 28 that its AMA Test pilot program found that out of 65 fields it tested, 25 per cent showed wild oats resistant to all Group 1 herbicides, including Syngenta’s product Axial.

The AMA Test – which Syngenta developed as a “use-anytime” rapid test for Group 1 resistance – showed 31 per cent of fields with suspected Group 1-resistant wild oats had no resistance to Axial. The remaining 44 per cent showed resistance at levels low enough for Axial to still be effective, the company said.

“All of the fields we tested were suspected to be resistant to all Group 1 herbicides, limiting the producer’s options and putting significant pressure on the remaining modes of action,” brand manager Derek Cornes said. However, “in 75 per cent of the cases, we were able to recommend Axial as part of the management system.”



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