Letters: Ag minister Pedersen should resign

Recently my friend had a heart attack. Our young neighbour can’t sleep. A worried widow cries when her kids are in bed.

They are ranchers whose operations use leased Crown land.

The devastation you and your government have caused to this small group of hard-working Manitobans is unconscionable.

The budget will hardly be balanced on their backs, but their spirit and businesses will be broken.

I am calling for the immediate resignation of Minister of Agriculture Blaine Pedersen.

His lack of compassion and integrity should be an embarrassment to you.

He has virtually no communication with our Manitoba Beef Producers.

He tries to bully the Keystone Agriculture Producers.

He is fighting our federal minister on AgriStability.

He does not respond to letters or phone calls to his office.

He has a short fuse and talks to ranchers with disdain.

He does not listen.

He is our advocate, but, we do not trust him.

Crownland Modernization is an absolute fiasco. The human damages are just starting to be felt on the ground.

Please find someone more suitable to represent us.

Shelley Dyck
Ste. Rose

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