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Western Bipole III Route Will Cost More

In response to Rosann Wowchuk’s last letter to the editor dated Nov. 4, no one is disputing the need for a Bipole III transmission line. It is Wowchuk’s total disregard for common sense and expert professional advice that is clearly the issue.

The rambling western route is almost 500 km longer, which translates to almost $2 billion in unnecessary costs and voltage line loss. This in turn becomes at least a $7,000 burden to each household, in addition to annually increased Hydro costs.

Even Manitoba Hydro CEO, Bob Brennan in an interview on CBC radio Nov. 1, stated that the west side is 50 per cent longer and therefore would cost more than 50 per cent more.

I am incensed and alarmed at the audacity and irresponsibility of our NDP government. Since 2007, dozens of engineers and experts and even Manitoba Hydro itself have been adamant about the ridiculousness of a western route. The insistence on a western route defies logic. Along with eminently certified engineers I would like to ask Wowchuk the question, what is it you are not divulging to the public?

Louise Neufeld Tourond, Man.



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