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More Phosphorus Study Not Needed

According to “In briefs” (Manitoba Co-operator Oct. 22.) the province has implemented new management regulations for phosphorus, plus a $300,000 grant for yet another study. The study is needed, according to the water stewardship minister to determine the relationship between phosphorus build up in the soil and “how” it later gets into Manitoba waterways. The management regulations deal with the handling, storage and spreading of manure.

Why is such a study important? I think most people could easily conclude that if you put too much of something into a container the excess will overflow and spill out. That’s called “common sense” and guess what….It’s free. The government even acknowledges a similar occurrence of events in the water quality management zone discussion document.

A study was not required when more than 10 years ago (re: Hansard) the NDP agriculture critic repeatedly brought concerns to the government house about excessive manure and the possibility of pollution (phosphorus) and Ecoli consequences to Manitoba waters. Once again…a common sense conclusion.



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