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Letters – for Nov. 10, 2011

A Tonne Of Discontent

Brandon Souris MP Merv Tweed found a tonne of grain delivered to his riding office Nov. 4. (See photo on page 19.)

Farmers are angry that Tweed s government is breaking the law and denying us a vote on our CWB.

Canada is watching as Tweed and his Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz try to discard democratic wishes of the majority of farmers who just voted to support the current Canadian Wheat Board.

Mr. Tweed, your farmer constituents support this CWB.

Canadians are disgusted about your disrespect for the farmer democratic majority.

This government continues to slander both the CWB and the views of the majority of farmers who support the current CWB which, by the way, already has provision in place for individual farmers to make their own grain sales to higher-paying customers.

The Canadian public does not think that walking over farmers who support the CWB is a democratic act. The Canadian public does not think that driving a train over the farmers who support the CWB, as your Mr. Harper has quipped, is an act of democracy.

Your undue haste to pass Bill C-18 without proper parliamentary procedure is not Canadian and is not tolerated.

The public hereby calls upon you to not spend new tax dollars to replace (as you admit) lost CWB business for Churchill.

Do you support the majority of farmers who want the current elected CWB directors with farmer democratic control of grain marketing, or the grain trade gamblers who wish to purchase grain more cheaply from farmers through Mr. Harper s new discount grain company created by Bill C-18?

You must practise safe democracy and withdraw Bill C-18.

The CWB is the farmers David tackling the market Goliath.

Ian L. Robson

Deleau, Man.


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