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Letters – for Aug. 11, 2011

This letter is in response to John Fefchak’s June 16 letter in theManitoba Co-operator. Your comment is actually quite in line with the premier of Manitoba.

I really have to ask you what you are doing with your human waste? Doesn’t that also go down the river into Lake Winnipeg? Our animal waste goes onto our land to replace fertilizer. When listening to Greg Selinger, you might assume that there is not any fertilizer value in human waste. The numbers might not be high looking at them individually, but if we multiply the numbers by 5.5 million people contributing to Lake Winnipeg, we can see an alarming picture.

A few nights ago, I saw on television that by 2050, the world population will reach over 13 billion. Where will all the food come from to feed them all, and more importantly, where will all that extra human waste go?

I immigrated to Canada 30 years ago from Switzerland and about 50 years ago, Europe as a whole started building nutrient- removal plants. The lakes and rivers are so clean now that the sport fishermen have a hard time catching fish. The European governments looked at what the farmers were doing only after they first cleaned up human waste.

Here we are doing the opposite. We blame the minority (agriculture) because they don’t count anymore in an election. I can only hope that in the future you and Selinger think first before blaming agriculture. The population of Manitoba contributes only about one-fifth of the problem in Lake Winnipeg. I think that if you want to solve the problem, our leaders should start talking to the rest of the areas that also contribute to this disaster.

Ueli Messerli Beausejour, Man. been a major irritant to the big players in the grain industry.

Because of the single desk, the CWB has attracted some of the biggest and best importers in the world. The single desk has enabled the CWB to offer a consistent supply of the quality product they require as well as timely delivery at premium prices.

The underhanded tactics used by the government and all those out to kill the CWB have been appalling, most unCanadian and most undemocratic.

The scorn and contempt heaped on anyone supporting the CWB by the agriculture minister has been outrageous, to say the least. To him, it is the survival of the fittest and those who have – get, the good ol’ American way!

It would be of great interest to many to know how much taxpayer money has gone into funding the various producer organizations that are out to kill the CWB.

It is hard to understand the minds of Harper and company on this issue. But rest assured, this is far more about money and power than freedom for the farmers.

Oli Narfason

Gimli, Man.

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