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Letters, Feb. 21, 2013

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GM is about control, not safety

Re: “Lynas moves from GM foe to friend,” Feb 7.

I would like to definitively state that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are against GM crops, not necessarily because they will hurt our health, although some may be worried about this.

Many people are against large companies being in control of the food supply. Not only do they control the seeds of these GM crops, they get into legal battles with small farmers who “cannot control their bees.” Many people are just afraid to say anything for fear of being punished.

Also, perhaps we would be able to feed the world by using GM crops but need I remind people that 50 per cent of all food that could be eaten is thrown away.

If there was no waste — which there need not be, we may be able to do something to combat hunger. GM crops are not necessarily the saviour of humanity.

Anne Bachewich

Sandy Lake, Man.




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