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Wheat industry moving forward

Farmer Walking Through Field Checking Wheat Crop

I was very disappointed this paper chose to publish the opinion piece from Stewart Wells on GM Wheat Policy (Cereals Canada’s irresponsible GM wheat policy) but actually an attack on industry groups.

I am proud of what I call Team Canada — namely Cereals Canada and what it has done for the Canadian wheat industry. The first time in Canadian history all players are speaking with one voice. This attack is actually clear admittance of defeat in preventing the industry from moving forward. The first defeat was specifically, the change in the marketing structure, giving farmers market choice for their wheat and second, preventing groups from joining of Team Canada.

It is unfortunate that a few GM plants were found outside of the containment strategy designed for research programs. However, customers can have absolute confidence in Canadian wheat. The sky is not falling. Breads, buns and noodles around the world will continue to be made with high-quality Canadian wheat. Cereals Canada and other industry groups are working hard to address customer concerns.

Everyone understands the sensitivity of the consumer and their choice in purchasing decisions. Farmers and the industry have been incredibly flexible and diverse in satisfying consumer desire. The use of science, research, development and value creation have served to satisfy and to capture this additional value from consumers. Certainly, most organic producers like Mr. Wells should clearly have this understanding.

The Canadian industry needs to remain open and flexible with the use of any scientific tools and research techniques which will generate additional value.

Political debates of the past serve no purpose other than to distract from planning for future. I would suggest this paper would do a greater service for the industry by looking at all the interesting ideas for the future.

Henry Vos

Fairview, Alberta

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