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Ballot blunders disturbing

CWB chairman Larry Hill’s letter in the Nov. 13 Manitoba Co-operator clearly stated that “if you grew any of the seven major grains and oilseeds in 2007 or 2008, you have a voice” (in the election). I read this on Nov. 18, 2008, the same day that I phoned Meyers, Norris and Penny to ask where my ballot was.

A young man named Henry emphatically told me that we were not eligible to receive a vote because we did not take out a permit book in those two years, as the laws had been changed in 2006. Since I had Larry Hill’s letter in front of me, I kept at M, N&P until “Henry” agreed to go back and track down the application that I had presented early in October, which clearly indicated that we had grown and sold non-board oilseeds in those two years.

Hopefully my ballot will arrive in time to vote.

What disturbs me is– exactly how many farmers were directed from their right to vote by the “Henrys” that work for Meyers, Norris and Penny? An accounting firm that has made this many blunders with a simple election ballot would not be my first choice. I would like to know how many others were “assured” that they did not have the right to a ballot?

Joan Peters Cartier, Man.

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